Elove Poetry: Peeling Back The Mask

Elove Poetry: Peeling Back The Mask

Masquerading in feminine loveliness
Stands a beautiful damsel
Corroding my irefulness
Feeding me with love I cannot sell

She stands like Athena
Dispensing wisdom like oxygen
And echoing words like Athena
She vomits lyrics in cadence

Erecting an altar for her
Who has become my lyrical priestess
I slice my tongue eulogizing her
Bringing forth her worth to the skies

Now it seems ignorance
Overshadowing my mind
Is facing me with a lance
Displaying my folly in a way unkind

The goddess of my admiration
Eludes me and my world
Leaving me in desperation
In search of her true worth and world

The face I see in virtual space
Is so dashing beyond crazes
I lay in a daze
Seeking to know the reality in the face

Deep within I hold a conviction
Of the person in the face
A damsel beyond trepidation
More adorable than a dazzling palace

Unsure of the presence on mask
I begin a task
And in my search I ask
That at the end I may in joy bask

Strains of wrinkles
Are spoiling my face
As in confusion I feel prickles
Wrenching my body from the face

Daring not to give up
I drink a wine in a cup
And with brio I stand up
To follow my princess close up

Refusing to believe anything else
Iā€™m forging up to my no imp
Embracing her with passion no less
That I may never limp

Deep within I hold a conviction
Of the person in the face
A damsel beyond trepidation
More adorable than a dazzling palace

29 thoughts on “Elove Poetry: Peeling Back The Mask” by innoalifa (@innoalifa)

  1. She is lovely, I know, I have met her. But her husband is a warrior. The man go cut your head.

    Oga channel your writing somewhere else.

    Kai. I remember when love poems flowed between NS members. Good times we had.

    1. @kaycee, her loveliness cannot be denied by her “warrior.” The issue here is that there have been discussions on her femaleness or maleness, a case of identity crisis on NS (http://www.naijastories.com/2013/08/elove-poetry-a-case-of-identity-crisis-on-ns/). My aim here is to demystify the mystery and bring to bear her (@elovepoetry) charming femaleness…

      1. @kaycee, I love your response. You are my hero when it comes to that. @innoalifa…. thanks for trying, but really, sorry. ‘…the person in the face, A damsel beyond trepidation….’ will still remain that when this is all over.

  2. Honeywrites (@Rachel_Williams)

    Ookay…this is good. But…

    1. @Rachel_Williams, thanks for stopping by… but you really held me in suspense… your unsaid words could be invaluable… feel free to share your view…

  3. Honeywrites (@Rachel_Williams)

    Well, I was gonna say I didn’t quite get the point. But really the whole poetic flow was in place.

    1. @Rachel_Williams, well, it’s good to know that the poetic flow is quite in place…. the poem was actually written to bring to unmask @elovepoetry‘s true feminine identity for “Deep within I hold a conviction/ Of the person in the face/A damsel beyond trepidation/More adorable than…”

  4. Na wah oh

    It seems the trend of all crushing writers is to write a poem…like those elizabethan poets who suffer rejection constantly from the ladies they admire in their lovelorn poetics…

    waitaminute….@elovepoetry is a woman? @kaycee you sure? I heard it was a man nah…

  5. @Afronuts, abeg ask @kaycee… what I was following was the debate whether @elovepoetry is a woman or a man… This poem is actually a response to that and I think a resolution has been reached since Kaycee claims he has met her…

    1. @innoalifa, this was a nice poem…see what elove has caused.

      1. @six, thanks for noticing that…

        1. @Afronuts, who is that going around spreading rumours that I underwent sex change operation, I don’t remember attending any sex change therapy. is @kaycee sure, @Afronuts, send him a private message and ask, he will not say it here. @six, Elove has caused nothing, just a ripple effect of who is (s)he really.

    1. @febidel, please ask @elovepoetry? The whole world is waiting for her…

      1. @febidel… I am here, dear. If I try something stupid, like open my cupid bow mouth, somebody’s heart will be put to rest, and then what would I have done. The mystery continues…..

  6. You were of the conviction that she is a woman. Have you met her? @innoalifa

    1. @uzywhyte
      if @elovepoetry is anything to the contrary
      let her come out and prove me wrong lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      1. @uzywhyte, even you are not sure I am not a woman. Have you met me (Hehhehheheh)?

        @innoalifa, I won’t prove you wrong, or right. How about I prove you wright?

        If you think you really want to know me, the damsel, accumulate 1,000,000 points, give me 500,000 points and then when I cash in the points I send you a snapshot of me in bikini/briefs, or just say me in ‘bikriefs’.

        1. @elovepoetry
          I know that I don’t know but I don’t know that I know… :) :) :)

          1. @innoalifa… i didn’t know philosophy and quoting ancient philosophers was one of your specialties….

  7. This is nice. I fell in love with it, head over heels, almost headed to hills to have a clear view of the promised land.

    I am honoured, @innoalifa.

    1. @elovepoetry the pleasure is mine… :) :) :)

  8. @elovepoetry, I am sure of what I don’t know and not sure of what I know. Anyways, I give up. I just want you to remain the poetry damsel/dude my heart throbs for.

    1. whoa…
      @elovepoetry so you remain
      the poetry damsel
      @uzywhyte throbs for…

  9. @uzywhyte, That’s classical, typical you are a christian, 20 Points.

    1. @elovepoetry something more than 20pts seems better for @uzywhyte (for the flatter :))

      1. Let her prove me wrong and she goes with the points @innoalifa, if not, continue to accumulate up to 500000 for a sneak preview of me…..

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