Closed Shop

For love is marketing. Everyone is marketing something
Damilola Ebony

I close my shop
I will no longer pay taxes
That tempt my eyes to a squinting
My goods are not for sale
Because it is burnt beyond recognition
The market remains open
And the one legged, bow legged
Brazillian-hair deamons still come for a bargain
Speaking the silent language I know longer hear.

I close my shop
I can no longer wager the flood
That unearths the calabash of trade ‘cantations
The screams of smiles and phone calls
The breather of blaring gospel music
The chapters of banters and curses
I have left for the quietness of my closet.
(no more curse-stormers)

I no longer
Aim to hit ‘Jackpot’
I am no longer gambling with my words
I am not frightened that
I have chosen a different path
Or lost my share of the stock-exchange
the world can scream for all I care
I have locked my shop.

©Femi Morgan

2 thoughts on “Closed Shop” by Femi09 (@Femi09)

  1. My points? No, never.

  2. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @femi09, good stuff. But the gate fee thing no be am o

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