Bard Love

Blessing for the Bards

You and I be friends,
Of a meeting and of more.
Sharing tales of bards,
And being ourselves bards.

You and I be pals,
Of pen and of more,
Sharing the pleasure of creating magic,
Yes, it sure gives a good kick!

You and I be allies,
Of writing and of more,
Sharing the beauty of written words,
And having a chance at playing gods.

You and I be friends,
Of a meeting and of many more…
Sharing tales of Bards,
And yes! We are Bards!

Blessing for the Bards!

11 thoughts on “Bard Love” by Chino Ibe (@ChinoIbe)

  1. Beautiful poem.
    I like.

  2. @norbert This piece goes to you, thanks for being there.

  3. “You and I be friends” I love the flow and the wise choice of words… hungry for more @ChinoIbe… Nice!

    1. Thank you very much @innoalifa You are far too kind.

      1. @ChinoIbe, your poem can’t be read without a comment following. It was a beautiful one indeed!

  4. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @chinoibe, this is what is called poetry – supremely confident, joyful poetry. Tell me you will write more great poems, tell me…pleasssse. lol. Splendid piece. Well done.

    1. @omoniyi-adeshola wow! Thank you for these lovely compliments. Of course, I’ll keep trying my hand at writing.

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