The Scars Sing


Happy endings which weren’t meant to be—

As they were considered by the majority.

Teardrops trailing feeble steps

Bottled up memories never to have been kept.

Setting suns and crescent moons

Never enough light present to lift the gloom.

Droopy eyes, wearied from sights unpleasant,

Overcrowded heart with tragedies as tenants.


The heaviest of sighs float in the wind.


Never a test more difficult

All the more challenging for want of the syllabus.

Harrowing and tedious each task proved to be

Taking everything plus the desire to win.

‘Giving up’ would have been easy

But why give the only chance at elevation

With all else already taken?


The most silent ponderings echo in the mind.


Never a moment’s rest from that feared

And all that is good tagged ‘wanted’.

Rollercoaster emotions on a ride never sought and then the

Discarding of all that was for dreams which came to naught.

Until the awakening of truth and refreshing that is peace

Suddenly the shards of emotion reassemble—

A wholly renewed and glowing piece.


A present for the future.


Now the wounds are seen for what they are,

As suffering was the reason strength ceased to be stranger.

The joys, once held bound by events most unfortunate

Now have been freed, and the latter in a changed state.

The release of effervescent gladness finds the winds a choice place to frolic;

For though once tellers of woe and pain, these engraved bruises of the past

Are now duly translated to music.

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    1. I wish i could say i can interprete ‘Hmmmm’s but unfortunately i can’t. lol
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  2. OlabisiFeyisayofunmi (@OlabisiFeyisayofunmi)

    @kwiksie,hmmmm,as in awed.Good job

    1. Oh wow. Thanks so much.
      I am glad it got such a positive response from you @OlabisiFeyisayofunmi.

  3. @kwiksie
    I love this…………

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