The Heart I Once Called Home…


It’s been too long and my heart is a witness

So my running open-armed towards you

ought be blamed on joy and not fitness.

Through the crystal-like film veiling my eyes,

you see why my words are few.

But instead of mirroring my actions

you expose me to a loook which ought replace a rule,

as you nod like a lizard and leave me standing there –

gazing in shock after you.

I think to myself, ‘Must have been a spirit.

Must have been anything but you!’


But who am i trying to fool?


Too oft you change, as the seasons do.

One mood, and then another until i’m confused as to which is truth.

It seems now you’ve chosen the person you really want to be –

– a terrible pick, might i add.

You ignore me, it stings;

The weather in December.

Cold is now your identity, ice your countenance;

And since you no longer talk to me

I’m yet unable to understand…


The only smiles i see now are the ones my memories got to keep.

Now i only wonder why the real you went to sleep.

I wonder if she will ever awaken,

so she might drive away this wooden shell

which sought a home and picked your heart for the taking.


Permanently sullen, expressions void of feeling;

I truly begin to doubt if you are still human.

You were my playmate and the joy of my youth.

I witnessed you get your first romance scar,

you caught my first milk tooth;

whatever is it that has so hidden your heart?


I’ve lost my friend, confidante and ally,

it seems i am not good enough for you anymore.

I begged you, that stranger, not to marry —

I looked deep into your eyes and knew you knew what my worries were for.

You claimed they were baseless, i prayed you were right;

i have prayed so everyday since that night.


I see the way you look at me now and i sigh

for i am at a loss as to why there’s disgust in your eyes.

The city must have been hard on you

and to hear of your experience there i want nothing more.

Maybe i can find out what you went through,

for your seeming needless hostility bruises my heart sore.

Maybe i’ll be worth your attention if i’m polished too.

For i’m unsure if it’s my fault that you’re now refined and i’m raw.


Or maybe this is now you permanently,

and you simply cannot love me anymore?


I hope i get to go there someday;

to the fast bright city we only ever dreamed about.

Yet my mission is not to be stolen away

but to find the heart which once held me dear.

If i find it, i swear, i will bring it back to your form

and expel the alien in residence.

Because no matter the crimes i may have ever committed…

being the target of your hate is an unbearable sentence.


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6 thoughts on “The Heart I Once Called Home…” by Kwiksie (@kwiksie)

  1. @kwiksie, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!! Bravo..

    I enjoyed every word of this, all of it. Its actually kind of, well, perfect. The pacing, the clarity and sincerity is really good (made me envy the tenacious generosity of your love for that friend).

    Well done. Hoping to read more from yoi

    1. Oh wow, thanks so much @ayomitans! This is such an encourager, i’m glad it appealed to you so much.

      You’ll definitely be seeing more from me.
      Thanks again :)

  2. Soooooooo long…so beautiful too. Great poem.

    1. Hehe, trust me this is one of my shorter pieces. ;)
      Thank you!

  3. @kwiksie
    full of admiration for your work
    I’m taking a long trek
    reading your work
    without any fake credence…………… good piece here……….

    1. I noticed! I’m so pleased you’re taking the time to go through my stuff – thank you. :)
      Your comments are very much appreciated @innoalifa

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