The African Sun

It rises assured and majestic
Clearing the mist of the night before
Claiming its place, proclaiming a new day
And rightly so
The African sun

It blazes exothermically
Spewing forth dazzling rays
Of light and colour
Making reluctant trees and wild flowers
Contribute their quota to the unraveling beauty
Of fatherland

Bright as a welder’s methane flame
And twice as hot
Burning through anything and indeed
On its dark continent’s earth

Arrogant as the African sun is,
For you do not look him in the eye,
He is but a gentle lover
In the evening
When he gently caresses his beloved Africa.

3 thoughts on “The African Sun” by Sir Sam (@mcsnol)

  1. Thanks for the pleasing words.
    “The African sun”
    I like the fact that you decided to claim the Sun for Africa.

    1. Thank you. It sounds just right to call it ours,right?

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