Responsibility: Who is responsible?

The dishes piled up unwashed,
Kitchen floor messy, Napkins stinky
And cobwebs decorating the ceiling.
Who is responsible?

Taps left running,
Water racing to the soakaway.
Bath tub soapy and slippery.
The mirrors displaying blur images.
Not leaving out the stained sink with paste. Who is responsible?

Beds have become boutiques.
Pillows turned foot stools.
Dirty clothes pleading for the Coming of the laundry man.
Rodents dwell in the caves people call shoes.
Who is responsible?

Nowhere to sit in the sitting room.
The chairs are asleep,
The couch dusty,
Rugs and carpets sandy.
Flowers and grasses gone wild.
Who is responsible?

Not me! No! Not me!
Everyone cry, not me!
Then who? “It is not my duty to do that”
Some will lament.
So, who is responsible?

“I’ve got no time for such obligations”.
Others will say.
Let no one wait for anyone
Because everyone is responsible.

2 thoughts on “Responsibility: Who is responsible?” by Okeme James Jerome (@okemejames)

  1. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Yeah! everyone is surely responsible (not just the government).
    Well done.

  2. well-penned

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