My Escape

My Escape


Like the pelting march of the philistine of gath
I heard their sound along the bush path

The sound trickling closer to my abode Enahoro hall
This abode housed about 25 of us all

On hearing the sound coming nearer,my interior went totally dim
And I would have slumped if not for the holder of my dream

Tele,Tele,Tele that all I heard them say
As I Sought for any escape ray

On locating the ray,I took to my wobbly heels
O boy,na to avert any Likely ills

Faster than the fastest man on earth…
Running to save my breath

With precision Jumping all imminent obstacles…..
Even though I was not with my spectacles

Little did I know I would fall into a ditch
O boy na ditch filled with animal dung so rich

I was latter told I went into coma
Due to the nauseating and choky smell of the animal dung-never
a nice aroma

What about the lunatics who were after me…..I asked
They have been apprehended at last

But why were they After me I yelled
I was told It was about my essay in the west african pilot titled
“The lunatic going to hell”

While on the hospital bed I wondered
About this nation ills and blunders

Are we not tending towards failure?
With a large number of our future

Now miscreants
And secret cultists?


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