My Country

Your lips are laughing

but tears run down the eyes

your nose is meant to perceive

but the ears do it instead.

oh! what a smile of pretence on your face?

this tender soul is still crying


good and bright lights are yet to shine for real

the crawling of a grown up child is coming to an end

somebody please help the soul to stand and walk!

does it agree or not?

its time we left issues out of our hands and handover

maybe dignitories will mean no more. Who knows?

Protocols will be no more

Recognitions will slip aside

and handover into the hands of God the ultimate

whose word is the word of words

whose thought is the thought of thoughts

whose leadership leads all leaders

and of which we lack words to suggest or make opinions.

He who knows the end of all begining

Nigeria must move forward for good.

One thought on “My Country” by Leo Timely(Tamunodiepiriye) (@Leooxide)

  1. I like it, it is simple, but in my opinion, it is too simple.
    Excessive simplicity can pass for style almost all the time in prose, but poetry is selective.
    Especially themes like this one.
    Hope you welcome my criticism, it’s the best gift your readers can give you.

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