I Met Sam : Part 2


      It was just like yesterday that I had had an encounter with an Angel; it was already two weeks, I had  sniffed and searched round the whole street of Oakland, asking anyone I saw around about Sam’s where-about. Few people thought I was just being delusional due to my inquisitiveness, some thought I was trying to play a technique in order  to steal from them.   In the past days, I was a shadow of myself, I could not sleep, I could not concentrate at work; all I could do was to think of  Sam.

   I have leukemia.
      Those words kept echoing in my head; I could not believe he walked away while I was still deeply lost in his words. I had lost him. I would not have been that dumb to let him walk away, he probably   walked due to the fact that he thought that  I was ignoring him, unknowingly to him I was lost in thoughts. Just maybe. I had tried my best trying to locate his where-about, I could not just let him die in the cold streets of Oakland.
  Samson, he was a rare gem.
    I had not been  to work for seven days, did not know why I was not bothered; I had received twelve voice mails from my boss Miss Leah, without any response from me; and I was quite sure she reported the situation to Aunt Marie, because Aunt Marie sent a message notifying her four days vacation in my house…… with me. She is quite understanding, and hopefully would not think I needed a shrink like the rest of them did.  I knew she would be interested in my story; because she is a very good and smooth listener.
 ‘’Miss Leah is worried.’’  It was Aunt Marie’s  second day  in my house  ‘’are you tired of working in the Graham’s store?’’
‘’Then what exactly is your problem?’’ she asked ‘’Amina and Hilary kept complaining about your mood swing, Damian also complained of you asking him out of the house. Everyone  is complaining about your recent development, Cyndy.’’
I kept silent.
‘Should  I  call this  Bipolar disorder?’’
‘’Of course not, auntie.’’
‘’Then what is it? Did Damian cheat on you?”
‘’No. its Sam.’’  
‘’And who is that.’’ She had this disgruntled  look ‘’I hope there is no  new man in your life?’’
‘’No.’’ I went on ‘’ He is a little orphan I met some days ago.’’
‘’Did he steal from you?’’
‘’No auntie. He offered to clean my boots and then he…… he  disappeared.’’  I was sure this statement did not make any  sense to her.
‘’Okay now.’’ Aunt Marie gulped ‘’what exactly is your problem with him, did he steal the boots.’’
‘’No.’’  I cleared my throats  ‘’I got to know him, he lost his parents. And then he has leukemia.’’
‘’It hurts,  auntie.’’ I struggled with my emotions ‘’ Sam is not just a boy, he is an Angel. I still cannot believe he walked away.’’
 ‘’You need to see Dr. Alhassan.’’
  I guessed as much  ‘’I know right.’’ I stood up, did not want to waste any more time explaining nothing.
‘’Anyway, you have a letter from the royal palace.’’ 
‘’Royal palace?’’I had applied  for a consultancy placement two years before, immediately after college. And now they were actually sending a feedback, after two years of waiting. How ridiculous.  ‘’ how did you get it?’’
‘’ Miss  Leah got it from someone, maybe the postman.’’
  I took the letter from her, later that evening; I already knew what I was expecting, a job appointment of course.  
   Royal palace  is  the biggest mansion in Oakland filled with luxury, and believe me, it should be the eight  wonder of the world. Nobody knew who owned it, though there was a sort of rumour that  the owners were based oversees, and that the mansion was occupied by few relatives. It was everybody’s dream to work in the Royals’ group of companies and in the  administrative department of the mansion because of the large pay and the exceptional services.
     I applied for a job in the consultancy department, we were six hundred and seventy that had the opportunity to apply; but  eleven were offered the job. How cruel. I believed I was more than qualified for that job, with my degree in public relations and marketing services. I felt my life was wasted at that point, because I had never thought of working else where aside the Royal palace. Now they obviously needed me, maybe their employees were obviously misbehaving, or maybe  were also showing their dominant  traits of incompetence.
    So now was this offer supposed to be a remedy to make me happy? or was it meant to make me forget Sam…. That Angel. Things happen, and of course I needed to move on…move on with life and stop being the shadow of myself.
                                                                              THE   ROYAL  PALACE,
                                                                              NO 808 OAKLAND SREET,
                                                                                                         LAGOS  STATE,
                                                               LETTER OF INVITATION
                                                                                                                                                THE ROYALS
       Dinner? Was it what I  applied for? I was confused but the letter was addressed to MISS CYNDY, it was obviously me. Why was I honoured dinner in the royals? Besides I do not know anyone there but for the  great walls that prevent people from trying have a glimpse or guess what  the palace was like.
    And its quite unbelievable that today is the  D-day, I was actually not prepared for any outing, did not  even have a dress for any occasion proper. 
     Heard a knock from the door; it was already 6:20 pm. It must be the driver, I told Aunt Marie to receive the door while I got prepared for the dinner; I did not have any dress, so I just put on my pretty white gown  that I used  for the confirmation ceremony in church during the last spirituals.
      I could feel my heart pound heavily, as the limousine drove into the Royal Palace.  This was heaven on earth…. ambient….plumage path…….colourful serenity….green pastures…..clean air….welcoming wind….. I could not think of anything better.
     ‘’ You are welcome to the Royals’, please step in and make yourself comfortable ma’am.’’ A beautiful elderly lady gave a welcoming smile at the entrance of the mansion.
   ‘’ Thank you.’’
   I was escorted into a sitting room; a sitting room endowed with golden apparels and  furniture. I could feel my eyes  bulging out in astonishment and amazement. House of gold, this mansion is meant to be called. I thought places like this only existed in heaven.
       And I am obviously in heaven.
‘’Our master will join you shortly but before then what can we offer you.?’’
       Master? What was my relationship with the master ‘’Oh, I am fine. I don’t need anything for now, thank you.’’ I was tensed.
             I cuddled myself on the chair, I had never had this feeling in my life before. I was relaxed yet tensed; I was happy yet scared ; my thoughts  were busy yet blurry. This was obviously more than a job appointment, because commoners had no right to tread into  the mansion, if only a strictly confidential meeting was fixed.
  ‘’Hello.’’ I heard that voice.
  Okay, the master had  arrived.
  ‘’Welcome to my home, ma’am.’’  Samson smiled.

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  1. I was going to say this was a let down from the first part… until I read the last line. My attention has officially been captured again.

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    Twisted twist

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    I am captivated.

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