Corruption And Nigeria

Corruption And Nigeria

Corruption and Nigeria

Which is the eldest and fattest?

They both came with the white man

On the wheels of civilization

As if we had no life before


They gave us the pencil and the eraser

To write as much as we wish

And clean like nothing was ever written

We write big and small numbers

We were even taught to add zero for manipulation


They also talked of rounding off decimals

Replacing irrelevant decimals with a whole number

We learnt to multiply and divide

Everything that entered our black smart brain

Are the laws that manipulates numbers


Who says two plus two is four? It is a lie!

Two oranges and two mangoes will never be four

Because an orange will never be a mango

But the white man found a way out again

And he told us that two plus two is four

And orange plus mango is equal to fruit


In my village, we have fruit trees

It neither grows orange nor mangoes


They, the white man says again

That tree grows almond not fruit

I laughed and said OYIBO OJORO!






2 thoughts on “Corruption And Nigeria” by Levuz (@Levuz)

  1. OlabisiFeyisayofunmi (@OlabisiFeyisayofunmi)

    Babanla ojoro ni o

  2. Ezeifekwuaba.Tochukwu.Benedict (@Tochibenedict16)

    nice one

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