An Open Letter To Up and Coming Nollywood Stars

As I write this to you, I’m really angry. I wish you could behold my face to see the level of anger on it. You might jump to conclusion that my anger is much more of envy and bitterness of your way to the top. I’m more concerned about future your endeavours. You’re already seeing yourself as one of the sort after actors. Yes, the actual screen goddess. In fact, the superstar mentality has taken over you. The directors and producers won’t achieve a successful film without you as the lead or supporting character. The marketers won’t forgive any graphic designer for failing to put your face on a film poster (Your face dey sell film). Your fan base have swelled or blown out of proportion that you walk the streets putting on dark googles even at night (Pray Subsidy era doesn’t return. Trekking). Now, you compete with the likes of Omotola, Ini Edo, Jim Iyke, Prince Eke who should close down the expensive boutiques around. It doesn’t matter where you bought yours.

Sister/brother, life is not so rosy. The superstar status you look up to, is far from a lot of things. Let me remind you maybe it escaped your mind, actors are not made, but born. Ask yourself how you came about the actor thingy. Maybe you attended a half class of a supposed film school and the next you demand to be called a ‘screen god’. Of course, some will be too quick to tell me that they came into acting by accident, keke or truck?

If you’re to born to act, no director will look down on you during auditions. No producer will have the effrontery to demand for sex before you are giving a ‘yeye’ role that you are not sure if the DOP captured your face. Why should you pay directors and producers to be featured in their films? That’s star-doom not stardom. Now, let me tell you this; if you’re type that of girl who sleeps around with any person that introduces himself as a filmmaker. You are bound to spend your entire acting career in beds. Yes, because once Mr. Dick goes, he will tell Oga Harry who in turn tells Tom and on it goes.

Showing us your God given assets won’t sell you rather destroy you. Sell yourself through a convincing script interpretation, then money and fame will come. Trust Nigerians, you will be nicknamed. Act! Don’t get naked! If you can interpret a script better, the international scene is your starting point. Forget the trend. Amaka and Yetunde might have gone to win the hearts of a lot people, good. Destiny aint same. Remember, ‘You no sabi act be say you no sabi act’. No two ways about it. Thanks as you begin to ACT.

A Concerned Filmpreneur.

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  1. I’m sorry for not pointing them out but there are many errors.
    Asides that, we don hear.

  2. Trying to capture what seems to be the case… it’s kind of a good but somehow raucous admonition… it isn’t bad anyway….

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