Am I not Beautiful?

Am I not beautiful?
I’m that sun that brightens your day
I’m that moon that shines at night
I’m that star that decorates the sky
Am I not beautiful?

I’m the sweet thought that makes you smile
I’m that perfect dress that fits you well
I’m that mirror that tells the truth
I’m I not beautiful?

I’m the flower that beautifieds your garden
I’m the honey that sweetens your tea
I’m that lover that gives you hope
Am I not beautiful

I’m that food that keeps you strong
I’m that fruit that makes you fresh
I’m that shelter you find rest
I’m I not beautiful?

I’m that opportunity you let go
I’m that time you waste in vain
I’m that friend you’d wished you’d never let go.
Won’t that make you cry?
I know I’m beautiful!

5 thoughts on “Am I not Beautiful?” by Imaobong Igwe (@imaigwe)

  1. Sounds a lot like a song lyrics, a little too lyrical for my liking.

    Please check line 10, I think you made a typo there.

  2. Oh well,I thought it was going to perorate differently

  3. Good one, the questions and the use of words, even if lyrical, sounds good enough

  4. One can’t be quite disciplined when critiquing poetry – but I do feel suggested or implied imagery might have made this a much bigger deal.

    It’s okay as poems go I guess…

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