Verses for Hubby

Verses for Hubby

Kiss me, you must,

We are standing under the mistletoe;

Take me, with each thrust,

Racing to the peak- with curled toes.


Dance with me, I insist,

Take my hands and sway,

It’s our music, it’s distinct

Let nothing stand in the way.


It is not good to dwell in the past,

Like the early morning mist,

At the sun rising, it won’t last;

It’s effect is like the force of a fist.



Play with me, dearest one,

Tickle me and make me giggle;

Let us run and be free and have fun,

Let our laughter soar like the eagle.


Love me, simply put,

Is the sum of all my desire;

Together, forever, tasting it’s fruit,

Building a perfect world for the ones you sire.

24 thoughts on “Verses for Hubby” by topazo (@topazo)

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  3. This is good and sexy, Topaz. If you’ve got a good voice, read it out slowly just before you turn off the lights.

    Check. It’s effect and it’s fruit should be ‘its’.
    Well done, Topaz. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte thanks for the correction..

      Sadly, I do not have a good voice…

    2. I echo @sibbylwhite …this is one of those simple. Love songs… It should be sang.

      Well done Doc @topaz

  4. nofisco (@chidobevitalis)

    mh.nice and involving.

  5. sunnydemajesty (@SUNNYDEMAJESTY)

    so romantic that it impulses all to love because
    Love is so Loom
    Love is Omniscient
    Love is Vivacious
    Love is Eternal

  6. Please I’m sorry for having misspelt your names @sibbylwhyte and @topazo …not intentional at all…

    1. @chime221
      Thanks for such high praise…

  7. Vincent de Paul (@vincentdepaul)

    Erotic… needs to be read for one’s lover before bedtime, or so Ann Hooper says in her Dare to Sex Guide.

    Keep it up, dude.

  8. I like these verses. I gonna try them on hubby…. hehehe!!!

    1. Oh yeah…he is soooo gonna love it! lol
      Thanks for stopping by

  9. Doc,this is more than cool…*thumbs up*

  10. scarlettgarnett (@ScarlettGarnett)

    I read this last week, but I had to return to leave a comment. I reeally like this poem. It’s a quite a treat for we romantics. And I just love that first stanza.Well done!

    1. @scarlettgarnett
      Thanks for commenting.
      First stanza is my favorite too…

  11. @topazo

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