The Rebellious Poet

The Rebellious Poet

Suddenly realizing that the best con men
Were the men with pen and papers
Their call to war transcends time,
From generation to generation
The absoluteness of their words mislead
And misguide ever loyal and overzealous servants

Even men whose depth are not measured by their greyness
Seem exceedingly bereft of sense at the ignition
Of the engine that deliver this call,

Suddenly my heart reeks of mischief
As I wonder what generation would read
Beyond this words and see the rebellious poet
Or what would they see,
As is not my aim,
A scared boy who is becoming a man
Sooner than he planned.

I keep wondering
Wonder will never cease
The reality of that I hold true
A new world order is being unveiled
Will our problems ever find solutions,
Would we stay true to our faith,

Simple questions,
Yet no satisfactory answer
Alas I believe, that the generation that takes action
Is the generation that we fought for
Our way of life is under attack
Our culture is at a sorrowful end

Heralding the trans generational culture
That we may all embrace.

2 thoughts on “The Rebellious Poet” by Tolu Daniel (@toludaniel)

  1. @toludaniel there was a message in this poem that came tantalisingly close to being revealed, but I couldn’t quite grasp it; I could only sense that it had something to do with the injustices perpetrated by elders.

  2. I agree with @TolaO.It feels like I almost got the message but not quite. Maybe that’s the intention. With poetry,you just never know.I like it though

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