Of Church Boys and Girltation

Of Church Boys and Girltation

I just read the story to her,

Yet she’d rather I read her the parables,
I’ll be smarter, she proclaimed;

I laughed again at her naiveté,
Its always fun to see them at this stage;

Trusting and loving with reckless abandon,
So I began my tale of parables,
Teaching words that even I don’t understand,
Trusting and as a devoted servant she listened,
Hung on to every single word that I uttered,

Never allowed me to go back and explain anything;
Believing that it was just meant to be like that:
In my own seeming smartness I got lost,
In my own world, I missed the road to my house,
I lost my comfort,
I shifted my zone,
And dark realities began to settle in,
As I become more aware through my own teachings,
That I lacked their basic understanding,

She became better as she promised,
She deciphered my messages faster,
She became a challenge,
But as an obedient servant she served me still,
She saw through my weaknesses and kept her lips sealed,
She became my evangelist and told the world about me,

She saw a gift in me that I didn’t see,
I was scared, yet she believed still,
I confided in her whence I saw that she could handle the truth,
Yet, she only but smiled and encouraged me on.

Told me that my gift wasn’t for now,
Neither was it for me to understand,

But she didn’t understand at all, did she?
I was preaching and teaching words that I didn’t understand
Nor believed, even in the very least.

Then I began to watch her,
And the person she had become,
Became my inspiration,
And slowly, it began to dawn on me,

That I’ve been dreaming,
Because one idiot just poured a bucket of cold water on me.

12 thoughts on “Of Church Boys and Girltation” by Tolu Daniel (@toludaniel)

  1. Distinguished (@DistinguishedAnoke)

    The end realization is funny! Nice poem/write-up @toludaniel.
    Beautiful choice of words!

    1. thanks for your comment

  2. That cliche of waking up in at the peak of an interesting scene…Well done.

  3. That definitely made me smile. Really nice poem.

    1. glad it made you smile sir, thanks

  4. The ending made it funny but gave a weird closing to an otherwise masterfully written poem.

  5. Omena (@menoveg)


  6. Ufuoma Otebele (@ufuomaotebele)

    I liked this but am not so sure about the ending…

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