Lazywrita Thanks Myne Whitman For Being A Part Of His Story [Interview]

Paul Anderson ‘Lazywrita’ one of Naijastories best products thanks Myne for the influence naijastories had in his life so far, and being a huge contribution to his story in an interview with Thebusinessaim. Read below.

The incredibly cute Kogi State born Paul Anderson Damisa or ‘Lazywrita’ as he’s known in social media circles was recently listed in Y! Naija’s top 100 Social Media Influencer of 2013 – The Definitive List , with the likes of , Omojuwa, LindaIkeji, Obyezeks, Teju Cole, MrEnclave, Ekeke, Elrufai, Rosanwo, GbengaSesan amongst many other important personnels and celebrities.

For one to make such a list is not beans; you have to be doing something right. The @Lazywrita account on twitter has over 42,000 organic followers and the blog traffic is humongous with approximately 60,000 unique visitors daily. The Lazywrita blog grew so fast, garnering 1.1million views in its first month of existence and over 10,000 comments. A week ago the blog was 4months old and had over 6million views and over 50,000 comments. Incredible! I needed to know what he was doing right.

Paul a graduate of Kogi State University had a blog where he used to post his poetry and other works. For once he never thought of blogging as a business or doing it the commercial way, an embodiment of what has become today. “I woke up one day and I thought, gossip business is serious business, I had the sources, getting stories would be a walk in the park for me since I worked as a writer and editor for an International Magazine called Reloaded, why don’t I just do it” he said with a smirk on his face like a young boy who had just had his first kiss.

Paul like many other bloggers has a crappy social life. “My social life is not so social right now” he says scornfully; “I’m mostly indoors blogging or surfing the internet for current information and for this people call me an introvert”. Being a social media publicist who has done lots of jobs for big brands as well as a writer and editor for a magazine, and having to be on his laptop, crisscrossing pages  of the internet for new gossip stories to post for his ardent readers to ramble upon definitely keeps him under house arrest for weeks. He didn’t seem like a ‘Lazy’ person to me, how he’s able to cope with all these I needed to know.

“You see, when something becomes a business, you don’t really have a choice, and you have to take it as serious as you can no matter what you have to do’’.

“There is money in social media marketing and it’s the next big thing; I see it not as a problem even when it takes 20 out of my 24hours daily since it puts food on the table. As per reading, writing and blogging, there’s equilibrium between them all.”

Paul once made a compilation of his most excellent and mind boggling poems and prose so as to get them published but it never really saw the light of day. He thinks the poor reading culture of Nigerians is to be blamed. “You find a situation where a writer has to pay to get published and also to get the books marketed”.  He says this poor investment and structure in the publishing industry is due to the huge fact that many Nigerians do not read anything longer than 140 characters as is the case of twitter. If it’s more than a page, and it’s not gossip, they find it boring. Paul says he is getting a lot of encouragement from people who like what he does and hopes that amongst them he’ll be able to carve out a few who will love his write-ups as well. Paul says the social media and tech culture is also to be blamed; that the use of short IM words likes ‘LOL, LMFAO, TBH e.t.c. has become something many cannot part with, even in professional exam halls and offices.

His sleeping patterns, habits and time was another matter I needed to understand judging from the time he spends online so as to keep his blog fresh and updated.

“Sleep is for the rich, those who have made it or those at the top” he says smiling again. I always try to be available so as to give to my readers what they expect. I don’t sleep more than 6hours of which I think is enough for any hardworking person. I do most of my work at home, so I’m able to manage my time well. As for sleeping habits, most people prefer to sleep with their heads on the pillow whereas I sleep with my head under it. My mum thinks this is weird, but it’s the only way I feel comfortable, and once I sleep, I’m gone till the next morning. When I wake, I reach out for my phone first then drop it almost immediately to say a word of thanks to my creator.”

The Nigerian web has been infested by blogs upon blogs, mostly in the niche of entertainment and gossip and its worse off when these blogs are recycling stories and posts. Zero creativity, zero uniqueness, the same mumbo jumbo copied and pasted from one blog to another. This has brought many questions and doubts about originality, authenticity and reliability among the populace who get these news feeds forced upon their eyes.

Yet the Lazywrita brand has managed to get above these ‘copy and paste’ bloggers. Paul says he has numerous sites he visits, and creatively re-shares some of the most captivating posts, pictures or happenings on his blog, never failing to credit his sources so as to show credibility. He clearly states that he also gets organic content due to the influence of the magazine company he works for; “We know some of these celebrities and we also know people who know people who know these celebrities as well”.

Paul says the twittersphere will be a better place if most of these bloggers actually source for organic stories rather than wait for bloggers with sources to publish first and then copy and paste without even altering a text or crediting their sources. More so he thinks ASUU strike contributed to the influx of new blogs since most of the students needed something doing and that decorum will be restored soon as school resumes.

Once upon a time Lazywrita ‘Paul Anderson’ had the highest points on To have achieved such a fit, one must have made tremendous contributions to the site in terms of comments, group conversations/activities and published articles. You must be very influential in other words. Paul holds the founder of Naijastories in high regards.

“I will forever be grateful to Myne Witheman. I stumbled upon the website a few days after it was launched, and I thought it was impressive to have a website ready to showcase write-ups from young writers, a place where we could actually have a voice to air our opinions despite the poor reading culture in Nigeria. Joining Naijastories made me become prolific because I was able to read write-ups of many others like me and exchange ideas. I got advice and motivation, I delved in prose and short stories, I became versatile and a better writer. Myne has and is still doing a great job”. Actually the Lazywrita name and brand came from my username on Naijastories”.

The real Paul ‘Lazywrita’ Anderson has or had a great sense of humor. He tweets and writes to relax; he finds joy hiding behind his pen and prefers his words to speak for him because he is actually shy. In recent time he has lost his sense of humor and occasional his followers complain. “Gone were the days of being a twitter joker” he says, “I’ve had my fair share of making people laugh, I’m at a stage where I need to focus on many things; like what social media can do for him and not vice versa”. He tries to be funny once in a while but never over overdoes it. His twitter account still gets lots of followers daily regardless and this shows that the Lazywrita brand is still an attractive one.

Paul believes in quality because this makes your words stand out amongst the sea of others and thanks his readers for their incessant love. He is overwhelmed by this and cannot be grateful enough.  A few weeks after he launched his blog, he promised a gift to the top 3 commentators by the end of the year which he eventually gave away. He intends doing more competitions and contests on his blog this year thus there will more gifts and freebies.

With this love, it’s very normal to assume that many of his female readers/followers will be up on his BBM or twitter DM Setting-P and our insiders have confirmed this but Paul denies this fact and says they are not to be trusted, with a hysterical laughter.

His love for the Blackberry device is priceless because for him it is a powerful business tool. He is addicted to it and its QWERTY keypad. Although he left BB a while back like many of us, he came running back singing songs of love like those sang by Solomon in the Bible. Another device he uses is the iPhone 5s which he got hoping it would help him exterminate his addiction for the Blackberry.

Paul loves football, the EPL especially, and every Friday night he manages to get away from it all and slug it out with his friends on the Play station 3.

Source: Thebusinessaim

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