Infidelity III

Infidelity III

Seven o’clock a.m. Sunday morning. The tranquilizer’s effect passed. His eyes popped open. He was completely naked, stretched, with both his hands and legs tied with solid cords to the flanks of the bed. He tried with difficulty to raise himself in order to have a clear view of his surrounding but immediately fell back due to stress. He could perceive that he was totally naked.

“Could I have been raped?” he wondered, as he felt life sucked out of him, there on the bed. He heard sounds in the door’s keyhole and tilted his head to face the door. The door opened. Agnes walked into the room, accompanied by her girls. Janet was carrying a tray in which was a dish topped with another plate that served as a cover. She walked to a platform beside the bed, at Andy’s right hand and set the tray on the platform. The two other girls took positions; one at the door and the other at a window towards Andy’s left.

“Good morning sexy” said Agnes with a wide smile. She was wearing a mini sleeveless top with a skirt that barely got to her knee.

“Did you dream of me?” she joked.

“Damn you!” Andy said.

“What do you want of me?” he asked.

“Oh my God, our man has a temper” Agnes said looking at her girls and then laughed, joined by her girls. She sat beside Andy on the bed and lowering her breast to his chest, she said in whispers

“I think you should ask me – what can you do for me?”

“To hell with you!” said Andy. Agnes raised herself, pretending to be shocked and then laughed sarcastically. She stood up from the bed and went to a wooden platform attached to the wall of the room opposite Andy. Agnes picked up a remote control and switched on an LCD hung to the wall. Then she turned around to Andy and said

“I want you to relax and watch with pleasure, this short movie we acted while you slept. She smiled her mischievous smile and motioned to Janet to help Andy adjust his posture to one that would enable him watch with a little comfort. While Janet did that, Agnes switched on a VHS connected to the LCD.

“I hope you’ll enjoy the clip you’re about to watch” said Agnes, maintaining her mischievous smile. Andy was made to sit up on the bed, though he remained bound and naked. Agnes pressed a button on the remote control and then ……….. ‘PLAY’ appeared on the LCD screen.
Andy watched with terrified amazement and horror. He felt hell rushing at him from beneath. His eyes barely blinked. Oh no! This isn’t happening. God wake me out of this nightmare – he seemed to be saying wordlessly.

“No wonder I felt like I’d been raped” he said under his breath. He watched on the screen, how the girls took turns on him. With ecstasy, they banged their asses real hard on his erectile organ like they would not have that opportunity again. He tried to fathom how he got so drugged that he could not feel anything while this went on. Like a she-goat on heat, Agnes rubbed herself with delight while she looked at the screen. Andy looked at her awfully.
The video played its full length and stopped. Looking at her girls’ one after the other with her smile Agnes said

“Girls how was it?”

“Stupendous!” they replied simultaneously and with relish. Andy could not believe his ears just as he could not believe his eyes. He remembered his wife and thought of her reaction if this ever got to her. He thought of his daughter and the devastation it would cause her to live with the reality of having an infidel for a father. He forced back tears that tried to flood his eyes
Slowly and steadily, Agnes began to take off her clothes. Andy looked at her, wondering at her next action.

“Excuse me girls”. The three girls exited the room one after the other with Janet as the last to exit, shutting the door after her. Agnes, now wearing only a pant walked to the door and locked it. She placed the key on the platform above which was the LCD screen.

“What do you think you want to do?” Andy asked.

“Relax. As long as you cooperate with me, we’ll have no problems. Like I said before, I want more of you. I’m tired of being a road side prostitute”. Agnes displayed emotions as she spoke.

“No man will ever want to marry me”. She came and sat down on the bed beside him and looked straight into his eyes.

“Look at me Andy, age is not on my side. I want to answer Misses somebody”.

“But I’m married”. Andy said.

“Then take me in as your second wife or your concubine but just let me bear your name”

“It is not possible”. Andy replied. Agnes’ countenance changed. She stood up from the bed wearing a sad and wicked look.

“If you will not take me in peacefully, you will do so when your wife sees the video clip. I’m so sure she will find you very disgusting afterwards”.

“You indeed are a she-devil. You must be the last born of the daughters of Jezebel”. Andy said.

“Just before you continue bad-mouthing me, I should let you know that I am with your child. I have a doctor’s report to that effect”.

“How am I sure that I am the father of your bastard?” Andy asked.

“I usually use condoms with my customers. But in your case, none of us used protection. You are the first man I slept with without using protection. At DE ROYAL MOTEL, where we had our first encounter which led to me carrying your baby, you hungrily took hold of me. I let you on purpose because I wanted a child and a husband. While you slept, I took your contacts and ensured that I followed you up”. Agnes said.

“How much do you want?” Andy asked.

“Don’t you insult me” an infuriated Agnes said. I’m no cheap prostitute. I am happy to know that my unborn child has a father and is not going to be a bastard”.

“But we have not confirmed if I’m that child’s father” Andy said.

“You will be assured that you are when I’m delivered”. Agnes replied. And then, trying to brighten up she said

“We should have a little fun. Or don’t you think so?” Andy looked at her with uncertainty. Agnes climbed the bed and set herself over Andy. And then…….

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  1. The plot is quite believable, but i find the dialogue almost flat; you would be surprised what a professional editor could do to this story of yours. I suppose Andy just bit more than he could ever chew in two life times. Well done!

  2. Your writing is improving.I see you have taken a lot of the advice you have been given and it is showing.
    There is good storyteller in you.Keep writing.@PrinceChukwuemeka

  3. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    I noticed a mistake: Misses instead of Mrs.

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