Everyone says I’m mad

I did it with her mother to bring her forth
Is it wrong to give her the heat too?
How will she procreate if I don’t give her the heat?
Now, she is avoiding me
Me! Her only father!
Who named her Sheila!
I Protected her wall from breaking
I fed her with love when she was young
Now she says it is too much
I saved her from fire with my flesh
Now she is killing my burning fire
I cared for her like my life
Now she doesn’t want to be my wife
I invested on her like a business
Now she is denying me my profit
I planted my time on her farm of beauty
Now she is refusing me the harvest
Claiming I am her biological father
Yet denying me the family chemistry
Is sex too much to ask of a daughter?
Is love too much to ask of my child?

Like orgasm is the height of sexual pleasure
Blood is the height of my anger
Bathe me with blood
Quench my thirst with the red liquid
Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!
Why should I adore you like a queen?
You are just my wife and not my life
I don’t care who you are
The mother of my child or the murderer of my child
All I know is you must bleed
Pour out my money in blood
Split out my food in red liquid
Bleed! Bleed! Bleed!
When I whip you, you must weep
Look into my eyes and shed tears in fear
Say my name and tremble in fright
Is blood too much to ask of a wife?
After all she shed blood voluntarily every month?
Is tears too much to ask of a wife?
She shed tears when she is happy
Why would she not shed it when I beat her?
Now, the law says my room is in the prison
The doctors says asylum is my home
Everyone says I am mad
Tell me
Am I mad?

8 thoughts on “Everyone says I’m mad” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Yes you are mad!!!!!!!!

  2. Thelma (@Thelma0385)

    Lol @ Nalongo. I really enjoyed reading this Tola.

  3. Another campaign “wo”man rights…I think you are not mad. #I think ni o# Nice thoughts

  4. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Tola, well done but I got to run oh, this sounds psychotic.

  5. Yeah,I think you’re mad. Lol

  6. Speechless….

  7. Thanks a lot for reading the poem. I am also of the opinion that the poet personae is mad. @sambright, me think it is a campaign for human right, not realy woman right

  8. lakemacaulay (@lakemacaulay)

    This man needs a room in an asylum

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