Why Her?

Why Her?

My legs refused to move
And my fist clenched on its own accord
It is worse than having a cobra on the roof
If my love would die sinking in the mud

The king had decreed so
That my happiness be taken away
Death shall avenge at the third crow
And at my feet shall despair lay

It was only she I had
Only she I managed to love
I wonder so often why nature could be this bad
Yet this great mystery I can’t solve

It was she who once saved me
From the dangerous axe of the Grim Reaper
She who delivered of from a lion so angry
Yet there’s nothing I can do to save her

How it had started I don’t know
But I remember so well that we as lovers
Lovers married for happiness, for sorrow
But why is she the one behind bars?

Yet the Ifa priest cannot lie
He claims she’s a witch set to devour
And that is why she must die
That our village can have peace once more.
Why her?

14 thoughts on “Why Her?” by praize (@praize)

  1. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Eeyah! sorry o.

  2. @bunmiril …Thanks for taking time to read..

  3. silvanus (@silvanus)

    this is beautiful!

  4. kay (@kaymillion)

    Ohhh…..what a pity….

    Nice 1

  5. I thought that question is directed to Ifa? Go and consult the gods for choosing her.

  6. @kaymillion …thanks
    @sambrightomo …I shall consider…will thou be my priest?

  7. *Mumbles incantations and clinks cowries onto the ground*

    Ifa says, she’s got the best ass and comliest face in the land, and he needs a new wife. Would you question a god’s choice? He takes what he deems fit.

    Now off with you! @praize.
    Drop your offerings with my apprentice, @clemency.

  8. Hey…@sibbylwhyte ….It’s been a long time…why? Something tells me you’ll be a good priestess….Happy new year, priestess…

  9. Sad.
    Hope someone rescues the poor woman before Ifa drinks her blood.
    Good one Praize.

    1. Does she really need saving?? Ever heard of ‘beautiful demons’??

  10. Can one edit comment once it is posted on here?
    I have just seen a typo in my comment, lol.

  11. I like the build up of this piece. Its not flowery in delivery and does not use much poetics but reads like a good flash-fiction-poetry that carries a little suspense and delivers.

    However, I think its something that if you looked at it later and re-wrote it again, it will come out far better.

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