What if…

What if…

What if I could place my foot in each imprint
And trace my way back to the past
What if I could once again live
In that cocoon of completeness and laughter
What if I could still be that
And be in the now still…

The tree fell:
The iroko that had made the canopy
We looked, aghast
Turned down our eyes when hit by the sun
And hugged ourselves
When the wind blew against our tender frames

What if the fall never happened
What if we didn’t have to bend to new angles
Seeking shade under a new giant
What if the rain hadn’t drowned us of life
What if the life underneath was for all without a fight
Turning us into beggars, unwanted….

The what ifs go on
Yet my wishes remain undone
Turns out fate’s not moved by tears
Turns out there’s not much gain in fears

I’m allowed to wish though, am I not
Oh, I know they change nothing
That maybe it’s time to let the mirage – the past
Fade into nothingness.

12 thoughts on “What if…” by Shawty (@ehiabah)

  1. I felt the sadness in each line.
    Beautiful poem you have here @ehiabah.
    I think you wrote from the heart.
    Well done.

    1. Ehi Abah (@ehiabah)

      @olajumoke, thanks. I think I did too.

  2. This is great. Well done @ehiabah.

  3. Ehi Abah (@ehiabah)

    Thanks, @six.

  4. Just so simply beautiful!!

    1. Ehi Abah (@ehiabah)

      @irenecarewbako Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  5. You’ve got to get the novels out of the head. Good piece, intelligently woven

    1. Ehi Abah (@ehiabah)

      Noted. Thanks, @ogbolesamson.

  6. kingowen (@kingowen)

    @Ehi Abah The art displays a pretty writer. Nice use of alliteration. The persona could turn wishes to reality, by not sleeping during planting season and depending on the creator.

    1. Ehi Abah (@ehiabah)

      @kingowen, thanks.
      But uhm,… I wasn’t talking about planting at all. My reference to trees, rain, soil and such were merely metephorical. I’m sure a careful reading of the poem will reveal that. Thanks again.

  7. Written from the heart, well done.

    1. Ehi Abah (@ehiabah)

      @clemency thanks. :D

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