The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

Yesterday was marked all over the world as Xmas Day. People went shopping days before Xmas and they rushed to church in the early morning of Xmas, most of them listening halfhearted to the sermon for the day.

While most people used the day to party and eat all the goodies they can get, there was a mini argument on the true Origins of Xmas and if we should celebrate it. While Revd. Kumuyi seem to infer that it was unscriptual and should not be celebrated, Catholics stood up and said that they will celebrate it.

While i am not pro or against Xmas, I do find the discussion hilarious, considering that Paul said in one of his epistles that we should not be ruled by days of festival celebrations, hence to me the arguments are uncalled for, since its Christ we are celebrating. The question i now ask is this: Are we Celebrating Christ on Xmas Day?

What do we do on Xmas Day, really? Is the day just about eating and drinking and amusement? I wonder how many beggars and the poor, the real poor that cannot afford ‘jollof’ rice, got something tangible to eat on Xmas day? I wonder if Prisoners all over the Nation managed to have a ‘good’ time while we all had “GREAT” time?

We claim to Celebrate Christ, but how many people talked about the important thing, about what he came to do on Earth? How many people heard about who Christ is really, not just the ‘baby in the manger’ song? How many of us celebrating remember what he stood for?

I am not saying we can’t eat and drink, but we should also remember the poor, the sick and others in tough situations. Visiting and caring for this people is not the responsibility of some celebrities and societies, we can all do something.

The Sabbath was desecrated not because people did not offer proper sacrifices, but they did improper activities, like selling and actually cheating people during the festival, breaking laws and at times depriving the poor of some beneficial help, just for their comfort, a trait we see now when Xmas is Approaching as prices of commodities and services go up, just because we are in the ‘festive period’. Some others include Fornication and other sexual ills to the day, while robbers spread terror days before Xmas, so as to say ‘Happy Xmas’ when the day comes.

I am not trying to look holy, but my message is simple; The date Christ was born(Xmas day) is not important, but what we do before, during and after the day. We must separate the noise and the ‘worldly’ chatters and lucre and make this Day really worthwhile FOR EVERYBODY

5 thoughts on “The Spirit of Christmas” by ugochukwu (@rapmike)

  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Its the holiday we celebrate most times.

    Its “Pastor Kumuyi” not “Revd.”

    1. Pastor Kumuyi? I really thought it was Reverend.

      Thanks for the correction.

  2. More comments please

  3. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    Yes! Christmas is just one of those holidays like new year, easter, democracy day, independence day and the muslim holidays.
    Some people actually celebrate Christ on Christmas day but it’s not possible for everybody to do the right thing.
    I’ve got so much to say on this but i’ll stop here for now.
    By the way, this came in late; yesterday wasn’t Christmas.

    1. I submitted this on Boxing Day, I guess the person proof-reading it and publishing it extended my wait until today, that’s why it is late

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