The Guest- Chapter 8

“Sir! Should I let them in Sir?”

Oh yes! Please do. Mark said while looking at some papers, with a medicated eye glass glued to his face. He raised his head slowly and stared at his secretary as she saluted and left the room. On her exit, Mark heard an acute knock on the door that was mild and office prone.

“Come in.”

A slender lady walked in, accompanied by a well-built gentleman. She smiled and opened up her coat with both hands to reveal her side arm which she kept by the right side of her belt. Mark put his hands on his table and closed the paper he was looking at, he pulled back his wheeler chair and stood up from his seat and went over to where his office guests stood. He shook the slender lady’s hand and smiled at her professionally.

“Oh! My! Jenny, You look as radiant as ever.”

“Stop your flirting Garcia! I am here to ask you a few questions.”

“Ok! You can ask me anything, but first of all let me have your coat.”

She pulled off her coat and gave it to him, he went ahead to put it up in the coat hanger and turned his face towards them.

“Have a seat.”

“Yes. Thanks”

They both sat down in the visitor seats and Detective Barns used both of her hands to swing her hair backwards over the chair so as to let it flow freely and Mark returned to his seat with a folded his arm.

“So how can I help you?” He asked

Jenny looked at Mark’s pupils and placed her right hand on his desk.

“Ok! We have heard reports concerning a specific group that specializes in abducting young girls from their homes; the girls are carried along the Congo River away from the border to an unknown location they smuggle drugs and are turned into assassins.”

“And what does that have to do with me?”

“We have reports that you recently dealt with one of their ships, and we hoped you could give us something that could help our case. We have been following this case from the DRC and we have been trying to find you to put all the pieces together. First we thought it was the rebels, now we believe the slavers are behind the diamond heist at the American embassy in DRC.”

“OK! I will help out in any way I can.”

“So tell us: how long you have been in uniform?”

“For twenty years now. Mark scratched his forehead.”

“And when you were stationed in DRC, did you notice any unusual activity, anything out of the ordinary?”

“No! Not that I know of. We are a round the clock team, and although I was in charge of my platoon, I never really saw anything out of the ordinary. Our mission was to keep the peace in that area, and we really caught arms dealers and some rebel gangs. But I did remember inspecting a boat that carried a lot of refugees, and fighting a gun battle with some men along river Congo, nothing serious. They had really huge weapons and they got away from us because of the terrain, but no woman was spotted.”

Jenny brought out a note pad and started taking notes; she looked at mark with great care and nodded with every pause in his speech trying to observe his gesticulations and reflexes.

“So is he just gona stand there and look at me? He is making me nauseous.” Mark said, while pointing to Jenny’s assistant.

“And how is he making you feel nauseous?”

Jenny asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Nothing at all, I just don’t like his look.”

“Please William. Could you wait outside? I’m almost done here.”

“No problem.” said William.

William stepped out of the office and closed the door behind him.

“So where were we? “asked Jenny

“”We were…..”

“Ok! So tell me also about the diamond heist at the embassy.” Jenny interrupted.

Mark ran his hands through his hair and spoke

“Well, we were visited the ambassador for assistance and to bring troops from the states to help the French soldiers and days later, we heard the place has been raided and the famous twelve diamonds were stolen, leaving the Ambassador dead.”

“We? Who are these we? You keep on talking about.”

“I, and my best friend Tim.”

“OK. That’s nice”

“And who is this Tim? If I, may ask.”

“He is the military doctor, assigned to DRC for the peace process.”

“OK great!”

“So do you remember anything unusual that happened in her office the day you went visiting?”

“No!” Mark shook his head and paused.

“No, Not that I know of.”

“I don’t have any other questions. Here is my card, contact me if you remember anything.”

Jenny stood up from her seat and shook his hands for the second time and Mark escorted her out the door. They had both taken two steps away from the door when Mark suddenly spoke.

“Hey miss! You forgot your coat.”

“Oh! My! Thanks Garcia. I am going back to get it.”

“You say you are a detective and you forget a simple thing like a coat in a rack.” Mark teased her and smiled.

She shrugged him off a little, and proceeded back to his office to get her coat and on the impact from her left shoulder; a letter fell out of the back pocket of her blue jeans. Mark picked up the letter and glanced through it with a surprised facial expression.



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