Samson’s theory of Numbers

Samson’s theory of Numbers

Have you ever wondered why mathematics is referred to as the greatest subject taught in life? If only we were all mathematicians, we would be able to Iive a deliberate life, a life where we determine what happens next.

Mathematics deals with numbers though many’ a people are carried away with number manipulations and they forget the sense of mathematics (number). The name you were given at birth or the one you decide to call yourself (even if it is a nick name) goes a long way to determine your personality type.



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26


1. Write out the name you want to analyze

2. Have the conversion table ready to be able to get the interpretation

3. Write out the number connotation of the name

4. Add up all the odd numbers

5. Add up all the even numbers

6. Subtract the sum of the smaller number from the larger number

7. See if the final answer ends as an even or an odd number THE


All names are either even or odd combination when cancelled and added up; for an illustration;

SAMSON S = 19 S = 19 A = 1 O = 15 M = 13 N = 14 Odd S – 19; A – 1; M – 13; S – 19; O – 15

Even N – 14

Sum of odd: 19 + 1 + 13 + 19 + 15 = 67

Sum of even: 14

Difference: Odd – Even 67 – 14 = 53 (odd)

Igbinedion University,

From the alphabets A-Z, and the corresponding numbering, thus Igbinedion University will give us

Use the sum of the odd number to cancel out the sum of the even number Igbinedion;

Odd = 9 + 7 + 9 + 5 + 9 + 15 = 54

Even = 2 + 14 + 4 + 14 = 34

Odd (54) – even (34) = 20


Odd = 21 + 9 + 5 + 19 + 9 + 25 = 88

Even = 14 + 22 + 18 + 20 = 74

Odd (88) – even (78) = 14

A name that its difference ends in an even number, such people or companies can only functions within a specific setof rule.

They cannot go beyond the set boundary.

Little wonder we have primary, secondary and tertiary schools all ending in even number; even the greatest schools ends in even number (Cambridge University).

When a name ends in odd after subtracting and summing up, these individuals are unable to follow the norms.

They are able to break the cycle which they are placed to do the extraordinary.

They have a thing within them that allows them break the limit it. Let’s draw examples from different fields.

Music: Beyonce (odd-37); Lil Wayne (odd-23); 2face (old -1); Eminem (odd-31) Football: Lionel Messi (odd), Ronaldo (odd) etc. General: Michael Scofield : – odd, the name Michael is odd (the part that can’t obey or be limited while Scofield is even which explains why he was able to live in both worlds). Jack Bauer (similar to Michael).

You can take time out to see where you belong. On a specific note there are many other things that comes into play in helping you decide how you really think

i Sum of odd and even

ii. What is the final sum of (i.e.1—10, 11-10, 20…..91-100), as they have different meanings especially 1, 2 and 3.

iii. Names starting or ending with odd or even number

iv. Name made up of odd numbers only –

v. Name made up of even numbers only

vi. When the odd numbers is higher than even and vice versa

I will explain what each category represents in subsequent editions.


 Even people tend to have a quiet steady out look;

 They tend to keep to themselves.

 They are brilliant not necessarily intelligent

 They are good at obeying instruction.

 They are best as being leaders of organizations which have a set of laid clown rules, because they are programmed by what they are called to obey

This explain why some of the world’s greatest leaders are even numbers e.g. Bill Clinton.


 Odd people are known for bravery which the world at times term fool hardy.

 They are not best as leaders as there actions may not he well understood, but when a change is needed and a drastic step needs to be taken, they are usually the best for the job e.g. Moses leading Israelites from Egypt, Abraham Lincoln creating a legacy k)r USA. Jesus Christ (remember that the power is in the Christ) Holy Ghost/Spirit. Jehovah, etc.

 They are not predictable, they are controlled b instinct.  They may appear quiet but they have a lot to say.

 They are intelligent and this gets them into trouble. Note that when trying to check where you belong, the name you are normally called e.g. if you are called Ola instead of Olajide , you will he even in character, but if you are called Jide, you will be odd, (you will have many enemies, run into many troubles, but be calm), with time you will overcome and be accepted (e.g. 2face.)


Mother (odd)

She is not always the predictable party. You deal with a mother diplomatically as she is the smart one;

Father (even)

He has a predictable life pattern. He wiggles when you expect him to and is quiet when you want him to little wonder mother (unpredictable) is the keys to fathers (predictable). Mummy (all odd numbers)

A mummy (all odd numbers)

is majorly unpredictable; where mothers can show affection and emotions. a mummy is totally logical, she blanks out her emotion in her dealing unlike a daddy (even)

Daddy (even)

They are able to show you all the emotions needed in the world. He is easily predictable and is the one who showers you with all the care you can imagine.

Lady (even)

You have heard the experience “be lady-like” or “act like a lady” this is because a lady (even) has a way she must act to be a lady. There are a set of unwritten rules that she is mandated to follow to be seen by the world as a respectable lady.

Baby or babe (even)

It also gives an even number explaining while babies aree expected to act in a specific manner to get love and affection. They may not be told directly, but there is a way expected of them to act so they can be babies.

Brother (even)

A person called brother in a family structure is expected to act in a specific manner to be called a brother. This could suggest while the Christians like to call the males in the church “brother”

Sister (even)

This also gives an even number like brother. They are expected to act in a specific manner and way to be accepted.

Son (odd)

It should come as no surprise that the son is odd. You give birth to the son, as the child grows, he could end up a brother or remain a son (unpredictable).

Daughter (even)

In the family setting, she is expected to be predictable. There is a pattern and set of lay down rules she is expected to follow and obey.

Male (odd) When in the womb, they are the male – child because you have a rule but not sure what the child will become. The future is unpredictable for the boy – child.

Female (even)

She has been destined even from the womb to have a pattern, a way she should follow.

Man (even)

As the child grows to become a man, he is expected to become more predictable, much more deliberate and able to follow the rules. Get married and settle down, so he can have a definite pattern and thus is an even.

Woman (even)

This shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is again an even.

Children (odd)

They are the most unpredictable in the world – when you say a man is acting childish, you are simply saying he is unpredictable, unable to keep the rules and follow them like a man should. Same also applies when a woman decides to be part of this group. It is the nature children to act this way of being unpredictable because they end in even.

Friend (even)

People expect their friends to have a definite pattern, they want them to remain predictable in all situation. They choose friends based on what they feel should suit and compliment them. Thus friend is an even number.

Girl (even)

She is the predictable one. She should be able to follow a set of lay down rules.

Boy (odd)

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. He lives a life that is unable to obey the set of lay down rules. It is his nature not to follow that path laid down for him; he needs to break the cycle.

Girlfriend (even)

The world has an unwritten set of rules that the girl should follow to be a good girlfriend, once she deviates then she is not okay. As an even she is able to obey and follow the lay down rules.

Boyfriend (odd)

Problems start when a boyfriend is expected to be predictable, from their nature thay are unpredictable (odd) and thus can’t do the supposed simple things that come to the girlfriend (even) easily.

Adolescent or Youth (odd)

Irrespective of what you call this stage in growth, they give the same thing. This is the time that parents and society are unable to understand what the child is going through, because at this stage of their life, they have become unpredictable. It is in their nature to act spontaneously.

Names conotation
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Names from our last journey we discovered had seven (7) possibilities:
Odd numbers > Even numbers = odd numbers
Even numbers > Odd numbers = odd numbers
Odd numbers > Even numbers = even numbers
Even numbers > Odd numbers = even numbers
All odd numbers = odd numbers
All odd numbers = even numbers
All even numbers =even numbers

We shall take a journey of first trying to explain these possibilities:

Odd numbers > Even numbers = odd numbers

 They are unique; they always have something that brings them out of the crowd

 They are pathfinders; they have a way of creating something new, innovators

 They are unpredictable because of their innovative nature

 They are people who many a time elude normal explanation

 They are people who prefer and thus see life as a puzzle

 They have some crazy out look

 They are not measurable as their rate of success doesn’t take time to build or diminish

 Their down side is; if unable to reach their goals, they become day dreamers

 They don’t usually accomplish most of their dreams; they don’t accomplish most of their dreams

 Examples: Ifabagbe(13), Oluwafemi (69), Deola (5), Femi (21), Niyi (29), Sola (23), Olusoji (57), Spirit (7), ghost (23), God (7), Jehovah (27) Lord (19), demon (5), angel (13), satan (13), Aaron (15), Adam (11), Yvonne (5), Yvette (27), Wilda (17),Violet (25), Vanessa (13), Ursa (23), Udele (15), Tasha (7), Tatum (5), Timothea (5), Talia (21), Sarah (5), Shannon (15), Sharon (5), Ruth (25), Rose (21), questa (33), Quinella (11), Olga (11), Mabel (5), Kathy (9), Joshua (5), kane (3), Jack (9), Jason (11), Eugene (29) etc.

Odd numbers > Even numbers = Even numbers

 They start life as unique personalities but soon conform and become ordinary like others

 They are very good at interpreting ideas, concepts and projects

 They have the ability to run with another’s dream and do wonders with it

 They are able to work well under pressure

 They are good at managing their anger

 They are also crazy but they are able to code it

 They suffer from procrastination which is their real down side

 Examples: Bola (2), Olu (24), Adeola (6), Elisha (14), Amarachi (2), ogunniyi (72), Yetunde (18), Ifa (4), Oluwa (48), Chi (4), ola (4), Ope (4), Oscar (20), kirstyn (12), Keely (24), Kayla (26), Magdalene (2), Marissa (44), Maura (18), Maxine (10), Tammy (32), Ursula (32), Ula (100, Ulrica (4), Winona (20), Wilona (22), Winifred (4), Wendy (40), Brigham (2), Lewis (44), Leo (8), Hugh (12), Halsey (30), Godfrey (24), Erwin (4), Maria (6), Marie (10), Madge (2), Melody (42), Muriel (18), Nessa (30), Sheila (14), Sirena.

Even numbers > Odd numbers = Odd numbers

 They love to explain everything around them; to them that is their satisfaction

 They love to start or build simple and gradually increase

 They are good planners and love to consider many options

 They love to seek advice before they do anything

 They have the ability to have a high level of self control if practiced

 They can be easily influenced; this is their major down side

 Examples: Silver (19), Shana (1), Thalia (29), Tiffany (11), Trix (53), Leticia (5), Laura (7), Ansel (1), Adrien (21), Art (37), Aiden (3), Anthony (15), Archer (35), Aldrich (29), Albion (3), Avery (9), Bond (5), Brian (35), Christian (19), Clifford (19), Conan (9),Cuthbert (39), Daniel (11), Derwin (1), Dominic (31), Rex (37), Roger (9), Rolf (21), Richard (35), Peyton (5), Astrid (13), Alina (15), Davida (19), Diane (3), Darlene (37), Elena (15), Edana (11), Ernestine (23), Evelyn (13)

Even numbers > Odd numbers = Even numbers

 They have a calm personality

 They live deliberately never spontaneously

 They make the bunch of good followers

 They are great listeners

 They can at times present as slow

 They once in a while leave their “orthodox life” to spring surprises

 They can be very sarcastic

 Examples: Fulathela (30), Chinaza (30), Chizoba (18), Sabrina (14), faith (24), Gazini (14), Anne (22), Harmony (8), Serena (2), Thea (22), Thora (30), Tilda (28), Tracy (10), Lola (8), Babajide (2), Willette (22), Zoe (6), babatunde (14), Tunde (12), Baba (2), Oreoluwa (50), olatunde (8), Foreman (4), Farrah (48), Amanda (12) Gertrude (22), Hayley (36), Genevieve (22), Hortense (16), Helen (24), Hope (6), Francesca (6), frida (18), fara (22), Frances (18), Henrietta (66), Alison (18).

All Odd numbers = Odd numbers

 They think differently

 They are innovators

 They are too daring

 They are visionaries and dreamers

 They have a short fuse thus get upset easily

 They are called to think different, outside the box

 They are fun to know but not to move with as you can’t always predict them

 They make enemies easily due to their unpredictable nature

 They are driven by accomplishment of their goals

 They never try to please people as the put themselves second and their work first

 If unable to (or as means to) accomplish their goals, they become dubious for survival

 Examples: Bohlale (13), Ngozi (9), Butannaziba (45), Bhekizitha (29), Guy (53), Isaac (33), Kim (33), Aimee (33), Maggie (47), Yaw (49), Emeka (35), Ekwueme (83), Cally (53)

All Odd numbers = Even numbers

 They share almost same thing with “the all odd numbers = odd numbers” but are more lineal in handling things

 They allow humanity have an impact in their life

 They are driven by compliments and impact

 They live a predictable life which at times strike as boring

 Examples: Masego (60), Wassawa (86), Wakesa (64), Emma (32), Amos (38), Gaye (38), Maisa (56), Maia (24).

All Even numbers = even numbers

 They hardly exist, that is if they do

 They will be so meek

 Everyone will trample upon them

 They will be too slow

Having gone through the basic possibilities, we will now proceed to discuss the meaning of the sum and difference of the numbers of the names we bear. We shall try to take each number starting from zero (0).

From what we have done so far, it is quite clear that there is no way to get a negative number since we always subtract the lesser number (where odd or even) from the greater one (odd or even).

For every number we take (except zero), we must understand that the number-name could have two different connotations depending on the category it falls; e.g.:

 Nancy (odd 29 > even 28 = odd 1)
 Carley (even 30 > odd 29 = odd 1)

Though both names end with odd (1), they fall under different basic roots i.e. Nancy falls under “Odd > Even” category while Carley falls under “Even > Odd” category.

Names that the difference ends in zero (0); Even = Odd and vice versa

They have no personality or form

They are able to take the form, character and atiitude of those they associate with

Left on their own, they can only dream of what they will do; thus are hardly able to do things except talk about doing things

They are not dependable or reliable when on their own

If they get a course to follow, they are an asset

When they have an opinion, it only echoes another person’s ideas

Rarely, when an idea is theirs, it can only make sense and impact if added to another person’s idea

They are patient and have patience

They are very good when it comes to running with another’s vision as they can interpret correctly to understand the vision and work with it

They are generally peaceful until pushed to the wall

Examples: Salena, Kit, Driscol, Polly, Edlyn, Angelica, Cadman, Jide etc

Names that the difference ends in one (1)

They are extraordinary people

They get to the top of whatever career they choose to follow
Fame and riches comes to them easily

Their success rate is never quantifiable as they can succeed where others have failed

They can do a thing done every day by others but when they do it, something unique just sets in

Their mistakes have a way of creating success for them if they don’t stop trying

Regret is a thing that hardly comes to them since every bad situation has a way of paying off

In any place they find themselves, they form the extra something that gives a meaning to their community

They have a way of getting or forming a character or reputation easily wherever they are

Because of their uniqueness, they are never lost in the crowd since they always have a thing or voice that stands them out

If put in leadership position, they will make excellent rulers though they will have a problem doing it by the book

They are emotional people

People are easily attracted to them, and become their friends over whom they soon have a grip over

They are called to be moralist

They are cheerful people

Examples: Ada, Enoch, Grace, Adelaide, Eric, Gloria, Derek, Dennis, Ansel, Oriel, Derwin, Leigh, Gale, Brigid, Carley, Nancy, Percy, Amber, Egan, Phoebe, Matthew, Coleman, Colin, Broderick, 2Face, etc.
Note: Each name (person) will act according to their basic category to express themselves e.g. Nancy (odd > even = 1) will act out the characteristics of “one” using the “odd > even = odd” conformity.

Names that the difference end in two (2)
Will be updated soon

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        2. Using the formula illustrated above:-

          S – 19
          I – 9
          X -24

          Then add the odds (19+9 :- 28)

          From the above: the ODD (28) is greater than the EVEN (24)

          Then subtract:

          28 – 24 ::–4

          So you are:

          ODD greater than EVEN to give EVEN

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