Comes from the earth crust,

Free in nature,soft at heart,

Attractive, colour so bright in yellow,

Solid in standards,

What a precious Jewelry,

Valuable and lasting.

Charms easily, selects wisely.

A rare quality she wears.

Drops deep in the oceans,

Stands, still in form.

Glowing and gleaming,

A shine that brightens the heart.

Many cared,  few went rough,

A test she took for love,

Her standards was of the end.

Olaedo! olaedo! olaedo!,

The native tongue  screams,

A name cherished by many,

A likeness so earned.

Today she shines, tomorrow she gleams.

Falls to shame,  a fall for greed.

Open to good intentions,

Many knew not, embrace her good looks,

Her good side it radients.

Leave the rest to nature,

Nobody is perfect, with gold it all shines,

A beauty that glows like ember.

5 thoughts on “Olaedo” by Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

  1. This could do with a major edit

  2. Olaedo becomes archetypal of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty.

    Nice one. I like, but then it’d do with extra editing.

    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

      10ks pal..I appreciate! Correction noted

  3. Dimeji (@pencilon)

    Nice piece.
    Apparently, gold is your symbol of beauty.
    You could have made do with just imagery if you just cut the shes and hers.

    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)


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