New Year: An Open Letter To Christians, from Christmas

New Year: An Open Letter To Christians, from Christmas

My Name is Christmas. I have always been one for celebration and the world looks forward to seeing my day.

As men celebrate me, I laugh at their stupidity, the celebration of self and apparent Christians who put in a great show of service.

Originally, I took to wonder why Constantine decided to impose me on Christians, why he turned every Christian process formal, taking weight from Character and focus on formality and religion in the modus of Christian fellowship.

It’s the 21st century again and there is nothing new under the sun. I am again a global day celebrated by every Tom, Dick and Harry, Christian or not. This means I am back to my former state. A day of pagan celebration, I have become a secular day again. They say they celebrate Christ but on whose directive. Constantine?

I was happy when this man attached me to Christ. To serve has his day of birth. Maybe, Constantine was doing the bid of the sovereign King who rules in the affairs of men. Ask King Nebuchadnezzar.

Those who call themselves Christians have in error perfected me has a day for show of their formality, an open show of religious jargons, of stage shows, of worldly galore and a false sense of holy spirituality. The sad note is that their services have not caused an uproar, have not caused a turning of their world upside down. People are no longer convicted of a final sacking of their sinful lives. Idolatry is on display everywhere.

I have seen that there is a drum major character in man. One we cannot blame. Dr Martin Luther King said so. This character has taken a strong hold in Christian service, the urge to do something for God. Good as it is. Bro. James and Paul have told us what Christian service is and how Christian service should be modelled respectively.

They say there are two powers at war on earth. Correct!

They further say that, It is God and the Devil. Wrong!

It is Man and the Devil/Sin/gods of the earth. That is why I am happy to be seen as Christ’s birth, because on that day, something happened. God took the greatest risk as he identified with man.

Christ said, “…with God nothing is impossible.” Light shines in Darkness and Darkness was not able to comprehend it. God is invincible and the powers that be are all his.

On that day, the heavenly hosts gave a beautiful rendition. It was the sweetest note on seraph song, sweetest name on mortal tongue, sweetest carol ever sung. The precision point- Jesus only is our Message.

However, I have noticed Christians are now blind, much like our once blind, Bro. Saul. They are full of religious services and fellowships. They should have better listened to King David. Man can never do anything for God.

I am reminded of the late nineteenth century English missionary, C.T Studd who remarked, “Only one life. It will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.” The man must have known what he was saying, for many don’t know. Christ said, “Any seed that my father has not planted will be uprooted.” So, at the end it’s only what Christ does through a man and not what he does for Christ.

In a time where pretence, materialism and dark powers have the major say, where there is a great redundancy in true Christian worship. Songs and Worship no longer convict the minds of men. So-called pastors and gospel artistes are on the dangerous rise yearly. Who called them? Obedience is better than Sacrifice. John reminds us in 1John2: 2-6, “Here’s how we can be sure we know God in the right way: Keep his commandments. If someone claims, “I know him well!” but doesn’t keep his commandments, he’s obviously a liar. His life doesn’t match his words… This is the only way to be sure we’re in God. Anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same Kind of life Jesus lived.”(The Message)

It is time Christians go back to the place where it all began. To the place where to be Christian is to be like Christ, to be Light, known to turn their world upside down.

So stop your foolishness. Stop these religious jargons. Are you a pastor, a church leader, a member, a worker, chorister, usher or do you belong to any part of the complex anatomy of the Christian church in any way? Quit your error. Stop deceiving yourself and others. Focus your energies on living the life of Christian Character, responsive to God. You are God’s temple. You are the Church.

God calls, “…Be holy, do not work in sin any longer, I have paid the price for your soul, separate yourself and come out from among them…” See the letter to the seven churches in the book of Revelations and you will realise that one can be called a Christian and be stone dead and still think they are on the right path.

I invite you to note that Age does not bring wisdom and neither academic learning nor tradition does so. Job and his companions can tell you who does.

One day at the next stop of reality, when you realize that time is no more, that your soul is lost and that you have no chance to change your destiny, no longer able to retrace your steps. You will remember that Jesus Christ is the only precision.

Yes! Christ is the only way. According to the Prophet Isaiah, Look unto him and be saved. Reach out, believe and keep to his words.

As I give this mundane finish. I hope I have stung your backend. My name again is Christmas (Keresimesi) and once again, I am in the business of bringing the tales of a new year. Put aside your sins and evil works so that you may not die.

Chief Iniquity and Prince Sin are on the rise daily. Where are the Christians?

Prepare to meet your God!

You may disagree.
Yours in Faith,
Bro. Christmas

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  1. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    As I’ve always said, not everyone can be on the right side.
    Only God really knows those who are really serving him and everyone will know who they are on the last day.

  2. Ajenifuja Adetokunbo (@Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo)

    interesting piece, sir. More grease to the elbow…

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