My Life In 300 Words

My Life In 300 Words

my life


My name is Niyi. I was born 26 years ago into the family of Aderibigbe, a middle class family living in Oyo town. Welcomed by four older siblings, my parents were happy I had a lot of shoulders to lean on.

I was very brilliant and aced all my classes until my fourth year in primary school when Lanre Ogunronbi had to contest for my top spot. He got it twice, but I was determined the third term to win back my place, and that I did. Lanre was good with numbers, and I was good with grammar. So, he scored highest in Mathematics throughout primary school, and I was the best in English Language. I didn’t lose this even in secondary school as I ended up as the best student in English Language.

All through these years, I wasn’t quite sure which path I should follow, as I was good at almost everything, but my brilliance made my parents encourage me to study Medicine. After four failed attempts, I settled for Zoology which was the best University of Ilorin could offer me at the time. I knew I was doing the wrong thing, but I didn’t have the guts to opt out and follow my dreams.

Graduating with a Third Class Honours opened my eyes, and I was suddenly ready to follow my dreams and take full responsibility for whatever happened next. Nothing short of extraordinary has happened ever since. I’m happy, I’m fulfilled, and I earn a respectable income because I followed my dream. A lot of people still find it hard to see the sense in what makes me happy in what I do, but who cares? I am a writer! I’m proud to call that a profession anywhere and I earn a living from it.

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  1. namdi (@namdi)

    Nice concept.

    Though, I’m sure there’s more to you you could have written; even in 300 words.

  2. kay (@kaymillion)

    nice one

  3. millyporter (@millyporter)

    normal thingy

  4. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Great that you followed your dreams. I am a Zoologist.

  5. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    This is just a part of your life that you wanted to use to pass a message across to us and we got it.

  6. You could have told that in seventy words on your profile and gave us something juicier. cool

  7. good for you…

  8. Happy for you.

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