Soul staggering under the luring light of the moon.
Trudging in the deep abyss of misery.
With compact gaze fixed on eerie brood.
And the shattered dreams of brotherhood.

Captivating endeavor
Saving death
Luminous darkness.

The mystic rise of the legion.
Looming over ages of endless dreams.
Under the bright light of the moon.
Demons rise deep from the bowel of hades.

With raging eyes and drawling thirst.
It eats out your soul.
It fades into your dreams.
Mauling you out with obtuse virility.

When you wonder out under the moonlight.
Keep your eyes open and your head straight.
Never look up in endless gaze.
The legion descends with darkened break!

3 thoughts on “Moonlight” by Emmanuel Ocean (@Rubytime20)

  1. What has @chemokopi done? ………..This is a picturesque poem, good job @Rubytime20

  2. @six, I don’t know o. Ha!

    Frightening images here, Emmanuel. Good poem.

    Keep improving your art.

  3. Thanks@ chemokobi

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