Kindle Countdown Deal

Kindle Countdown Deal

Kindle countdown deal is a book promotional/marketing strategy offered by Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to authors and publishers to market/promote their books for a limited number of days.

The deal with the deal is that the publisher/author offers the book for purchase at the lowest price which increases to the original price from the first hour to seven days of the promotion. Readers have the opportunity to buy the book of their favourite authors as the clock ticks away.

It is the best deal ever so far as the author/book still earns loyalty while still getting the necessary publicity and promotion. However, there is still the option of offering the book for free for the same number of  days. The difference with the Countdown Deal is that, for the book to qualify for the countdown deal promotion it must be priced between $2.99  – $24.99 ( or £1.99 – £14.99 (

But there are some parameters. Here are some the parameters for scheduling Kindle Countdown Deals:

• Your book has been enrolled in KDP Select for 30 days or more
• The regular list price for your book has not been changed for 30 days or more
• The minimum discount for your book is $1.00 (£1.00
• The maximum duration of the Kindle Countdown Deals is 7 days
• The minimum time increment is 1 hour
• The maximum number of price increments is 5
• The latest end time for your Kindle Countdown Deals is 14 days before your KDP Select period ends. However, If you renew your book in KDP Select for another consecutive 90-day period, the latest end time of your Kindle Countdown Deals may be the last day of your current KDP Select period.
That said, I have enrolled three of my books for the promotion.
Kindle Countdown Deal of the Year
Race against time as the clock ticks from $1 per copy. 

My books, First Words, Holy Emotions and Flashes ofVice: Vol 1, would be on limited promotion for up to seven (7) days from 13th – 19th December, 2013 and 23rd – 29th December, 2013.

The books will be discounted up to 68% off on cover price between the first hour and seven days for purchase.  The books will retail for as low as $1 and start counting up.
Hurry as the clock ticks towards more dollars.

The books would be available on and

Click Here to go to my Amazon page and grab yourself a copy.

Tick Tock, the clock is ticking!!!!
Go to my site, Poetic Justness and ShortThrillers news/site updates tab and click for more details.

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    1. Yeah, it really is @nicolebassey.

      I tried to enroll mine…. too bad it costs $1.99

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    Great deal.

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    @Nalongo yeah it is, you try it.

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