Economic Condition Of My Country

(this is my view in a poetic form, hope you’ll enjoy it)


If world was made by Dell


Will tell me what is wrong

With the world

And that is why I know not what to be done

Whether to consult Ifa, the wise one

Or to perform ablution and count tasbih

Or to read the Bible to the book of Matthew

Or meditate in a place like the Hindu

Or to stare at the star or the sun

Or the light and the sound like an ECKANKAR

For my street is not smiling

And even the sky is frowning

And no sun is shining

Nor rain is raining

Nor rainbow glowing

Like a river surface with oil spillage

Everywhere in my street

Many eyes are red

Constant unrest

Desperate friends

Are travelling far away to rob ATMs

And my novels

I struggled to write and print

Are still under my bed

Not even sold half of them

And young talents are being frustrated

And leaders of tomorrow are being oppressed

By leaders of today forming richmen

Under this canopy of penury

Spreading everywhere

In short

Economic condition of my country

Is shouting:


It needs prayer

“look unto God, the author and the finisher of
thy faith”
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4 thoughts on “Economic Condition Of My Country” by samueldpoetry (@samueldpoetry)

  1. Hmm, a grave picture painted.

    But this piece should be reworked


  2. The poem is kinda boring from the start…but suddenly got lit up from “my eyes are red…” In the end, point well hearkened!
    Well done!

  3. Sigh. If I talk now dem go say I harsh.

  4. Your point about how bad things are in the country comes through clearly, @samueldpoetry.

    But the poem doesn’t feel very cohesive; it’s as though you just put down random thoughts that ocurred to you on the topic of national malaise.

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