Dreams Lived So Long


Old age sometimes is like a cage
That ties dreams like a bandage
That the aged seems a cabbage
And thus one exists in bondage
It is high time and nay quite an age
Frailty to senility became an adage
And despair to dreams, appendage
Whilst dreams have come a mileage
Let the spirit hover over the acreage
Of all ever lived visions like anchorage
Bring it on like high voltage to leverage
Till conquest appears on all its lineage
Vintage days of yore should in graftage,
Lift up to undying desire like in marriage
 Incapacity therefore is ever held hostage
And impossibility is become the footage!
For limitations on account of age is a mirage
Even though these are deeply an anecdotage
Dreams long lived could come on homepage
When our strength are juxtaposed in agiotage
Fauja Singh, the World’s Oldest Marathon Runner: In 2004, Singh replaced David Beckham and Muhammad Ali as the face of Adidas’ Impossible is nothing campaign. Last year, a biography was written about Fauja Singh, entitled Turbaned Tornado.

3 thoughts on “Dreams Lived So Long” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Nice poem Ostar, good job.

  2. Ostar this is a wonderful beat. It beats to my ear like a singing drum. Old age is cool brimmed with great dreams and experiences. Bravo!

  3. It is not easy to stick to one particular rhyme all through, I will give u credit for that even though some lines were forced and wouldn’t even be considered if you were not experimenting with the ‘..age’ issh

    Wait, just noticed every line ends with AGE and the central theme here has to do with AGE.


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