Crush Or Love? Episode 1

Crush Or Love? Episode 1



It was all that I had hoped for. The simple monochrome cotton mini gown belted at the waist made me look years younger than my age. I was hoping for that when I picked it last night on my way home. I had absolutely nothing to wear for the house warming party daspergers-loveown the street and I desperately wanted to impress the owner of the house. Okay-his son. Of course he was a man. Alright a handsooooome dude with them muscles and killer beards. I was totally in love and if I were Tom, I’d have my tongue hanging out in awe of how gorgeous he was. I absolutely wanted him.

With ears almost always plugged, I noticed the first time he ran pass me on my way to work. Chest heaving, Sweat pouring, arms strong, full-content shorts, I turned back to look at him and ran into the car right in front of me! While I was ‘hot-faced’, I apologized and looked straight ahead after which the security men waved me through. Thankfully it was just a scratch and the FULLY suited man waved it off. I bet he was in a hurry to beat traffic. As if one could actually beat traffic. Go early and you won’t have to BEAT it. But then in a low density Estate, running into a car right in front of me was way out of line but what can I say? The man was darn too cute and I was caught in the webs of desire.

“Babe! we get gbedu o” it was Bisi five days ago rushing into my room and waving her phone at me as she told me of the prospective Sugar Daddy that invited her for house warming party down our street. At first, I laughed and joined in her enthusiasm but declined. I just got back from work and was tired.
“That your hot bobo dey live for that house so” she supplied. I had told Bisi of my run in with a resident last week because I was “committing lust of the eyes” and had described him over dinner. She confirmed seeing him but that “he was just there joor”. She dealt with senior citizens and as such, young men rarely moved her. I on the other hand was a sucker for young men. Okay, I don’t rub the cradle but I certainly know when they are matured enough for serious business.

“How you take know?” I asked her stepping out of my pants and looking for where I threw my hair net.
“Ha! na him son na and I suspect say MY bobo na correct government official” she winked. Of course I didn’t exactly throw my hands up in the air and agree. I made up my mind to follow_TRAIL him tomorrow morning. And yes I did. He lived there. I was going for the party.

Looking at my reflection confirmed that I was ready to go.
“Funke!!!” it was Bisi. She was tired of waiting for me downstairs and I heard her loud footsteps pound the stairs as she matched up.
‘I am coming” I answered looking at myself for the last time. I hoped he was going to finally notice me today. I chuckled silently as I rolled my eyes at myself before Bisi threw the door opened.
“Wetin they hold you sef! Let us go before I lose my government cake” she said and burst out in her signature laugh. I joined too.
“You no well before sef” I said as we went down the stairs.
“Birds of the same feather” she left it hanging and I playfully elbowed her.
“Na waka we dey waka ba?’ I asked.
“No way o! enter car make we go. I know say you go say you no get fuel” she teased and I shook my head.
The drive took less than two minutes as the stationed military guard did a check and allowed us in. Parking, Bisi was already out and making a call while I tagged along before she disappeared. Eyes wide open for my target as I walked around.

And there he was. In a pair of shorts and T-shirt, he looked calm and less intimidating. Without the ear plugs, he looked very much like the new fine boy that HR employed last week. He looked ordinary and I laughed at myself for thinking he was hot. It must have been really long and I went into a calender count. Hmmm, months after my Ex dumped me for a fresher. I wasn’t an Oldie but then, sweet-sixteen dey sell pass sour-thirties. I wasn’t exactly sorry. He wasn’t just the “man-of-my-dreams’.

The crowd was growing now and I didn’t see Bisi anywhere. I had lost my hunting mood and turned right after his eyes caught me. I gave a smile and walked back to the massive gate.
“Good evening” it was another military guard.
“Good evening sir” I greeted.
“Are you leaving?” he asked coming closer.
“Who did you come with?” he asked.
“I came with a friend”
“May I see your I.D card?” he asked and I was already opening my mouth to answer him when he spoke from behind.
“That won’t be necessary”
I turned to look at the owner of the voice and it was my former hot-dude. I smiled at the guard who looked at me and gave a loud “Yes Sir” before moving back to his station.
“It is no problem”
I turned and headed out of the gate. The evening was cold and I was going to enjoy the walk home.
“The party has not yet started” I turned abruptly at the voice.
“You scared me” I frowned now.
“I didn’t mean to” he said coming to stand before me.
“It is no problem” I repeated his sentence without a thought and he laughed.
“I am tired and need to sleep” I offered as he joined me.
“Do you mind?” he asked taking my hand in his and gently nudging me to take a walk with him.
“Depends on where you are taking me” I answered already smiling.
“I am taking you home”
I gave an evil grin as we walked to my house.
This was going to be an interesting one.


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  2. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    I have read Memories…I liked it. I detected some errors. You wrote rub instead of rob and for the party instead of to the party.
    Well done.

  3. aadetoyin (@aadetoyin)

    Crush!!! And that bobo will scam her

  4. namdi (@namdi)

    It seems like a crush, but with some twist, it could become love.

    – The words you started with capital letters in the middle of sentences e.g Ex, Oldie, Estate. Also, the ones you wrote in capital letters e.g MY, BEAT, FULLY…….are they for emphasis?

  5. jaygirlseven (@jaygirlseven)

    dis one na crush o! Big one…pls try 2 correct d mistake…u did nt discribe dis fine bobo well.

    1. kay (@kaymillion)

      Correct crush…..anyway things do change…..who knows….

      Nyc job

  6. Nice…except for the mistakes…

  7. Nice.
    While I get that the ‘Tom’ might be a cat or dog, it would be better if you made that clear before someone thinks Tom is a gay dude. The errors have been pointed out, have them cleaned out.
    Well done, Unen.

  8. Leo Femmy (@leofemmy)

    It seems like a crush, but it could become love. What is the end line look like

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