Arriving from Mother’s Womb

Arriving from Mother’s Womb

smiling blackgirl

Arriving ¬†from mother’s womb

Love flutter in the heart of a baby

Like a flower blooming by a flowing sea

Her memory free from hates

Her smiles free from jests

She has no enemies

Apart from the nights when it looms

She knows no pains

Apart from hunger when it boo

Her sweat taste like lime

Her chukles is true and prime

Her weeps shuttles the angels

From the lounge of heaven clime

She’s oblivion of fears and harms

Until she peels the hearts of her peers

And find calories of envies and hates

Homed like a huge python in a dim cave

Arriving at the world so wild

She revels at every glowing light

Until she tramps on a warning fire

From the chides of mortal wounds


One thought on “Arriving from Mother’s Womb” by ayooba (@poeticlicence)

  1. @poeticlicence,

    The poem has clarity – it’s clear what you’re talking about – and that’s good.

    However, the way you express yourself in the poem needs some work.

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