Virtue – for my Best Friend

Virtue – for my Best Friend

Being noble is good and desirable.
Goodness is pleasant and noble virtue.
When one is good and pleasant. It’s also true
He should be praised in manner most noble.

Praise: good and pleasurable experience,
Shames me for I beg for it secretly.
Man seeks praise deep in his dirty conscience.
So he is of all creatures most greedy.

Greed is not a virtue. It is a vice.
This has to be said quickly otherwise
You, my black friend, may begin to forget
Men that we are, can never be perfect.

Liberality: to give. Not to hold back.
It’s opposite of greed. The liberal soul
Shall by providence and fortune be fat.
This age long truth is something we all know.

Magnanimity:to help largely.
Magnificence fuels the magnanimous.
See what thing virtue has turned you. Famous
With your name on lips you are yet to see.

Courage means being useful in a struggle.
It demands that certain laws be broken
To achieve the good of a trod people.
Piling sacrifices till truth’s proven.

Heroism. Terrorism. Folks and strokes
Differently on where they stand each moment.
The world keeps talking even till it croaks.
East and west cannot come to agreement

About nine eleven and desert storm.
The Bushes Being, Laden with wars and strikes
Are both heroes and terrorist alike?
Each seeing the other in the other form.

The mighty wind that breaks the Iroko.
I will take my time, on these lines, to blend.
Such that, your praise, all will come to know.
Praise shames me giving or receiving it.
Because (I know) I secretly seek it.
Yet it’s altogether honorable.
And for you today, I’ll take the trouble.

Such desirable virtues you possess:
Liberality. Magnanimity.
Nobility. Courage (I must confess)
Gentleness. Prudence and Humility.

What teacher taught you such wisdom to know?
Fortune and Providence embrace brave men.
Good luck and riches awaits the prudent.
The heavens smile upon the liberal soul.

They all smile at you. We all understand.
Yet some may have for you a different song.
That such and such you suppose to have done.
But always remember. You are just man!

These lines can go on spinning with praises.
But let me reserve what’s left within.
For other future occasion and place
Where they will, with much nobility, fit.

8 thoughts on “Virtue – for my Best Friend” by Idiong Divine (@Idiong_Divine)

  1. A story of virtues told poetically… me na love it/

    1. @elovepoetry
      This is actually called a rhetoric. It is one of my best piece.
      Thanks for the read.

  2. This is Five Star, I won’t lie. Loved it.
    All these for a friend? This beautifully crafted poem? Choi, Envy, I know is a vice, but some honours have to be envied.

    It’s a pity poetry doesn’t thrive well on NS.

    1. @clemency
      Thank you so much.

  3. Resounding.

    Amazing piece

  4. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)


  5. @charless55
    Thank you so much.

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