The Guest- Chapter 7

Anna clutched the phone by her left ear, and stared towards the floor. She was talking on the phone, like the phone was a rash she needed to get rid of. She moved her eyes from side to side and when she stopped moving her neck, her restlessness was put to a halt by a view of her appearance on the side mirror of the car she was leaned on, when she answered the call.

“When you work for me, you don’t ask questions, you take orders. I just tell you what to do, you carry out my orders, no questions asked.”

“Yes Sir!”

Anna placed her hands over her fore head, and ended the call in an instant, her facial expression was like that of a lion caught in a hunter’s net and she didn’t seem to take a look to the nearby vendor who kept asking if she wanted to buy his wares. She immediately slid her handset into a small pouch in her big handbag and crossed the road. She got in a taxi and the taxi drove away.


Tim awoke in his bedroom after hours of sleep. His eyes burned a little and he could barely keep it open for a few seconds as he flickered his eyelids.

“Ahh!  My head! I need water.”

Tim rolled over to the left side of the bed clutching the covers as hard as he could. He placed his hand over his eyes and turned to the right side of the bed. He got up slowly and firmly placed his feet on the floor and turned his neck sideways to view Joan’s question asking eyes. Joan stood by the bedroom wardrobe, which was close to the entrance door.

“Why are you looking at me that way?”

“Oh you didn’t remember the terrible things you said when you were downing your alcohol.”

“No I don’t remember, what did I say?”

“You said you killed somebody.”

“Killed? No I didn’t kill Him. It was an accident, I mixed up his medications, that’s what happened and Paul is blackmailing me.

“Slow down, I don’t get. Whose medication did you mix up?”

“General Whitaker’s”

“Captain Whitaker, You mean?”

“Yes! Yes! Captain Whitaker.”

Tim squeezed his right hand; he opened it up and looked away from Joan, hiding his deceptive look from her.

“Oh My God! This is bad.”

Joan paced back and forth around the room, fixing her gaze towards the ceiling.

“But I could have sworn, I checked the label properly and it was the right drug. He wasn’t my favorite old guy, but there was no way I would have killed him, No way! And even if I plead innocence in the military court, they might still find me guilty and lock me away for a long time. The only person who witnessed the accident is asking for my diamond for his silence.”

Tim looked at Joan with the look of a submissive puppy who desired mercy.

“Which Diamond now? Joan asked, as she gave him a puzzled gaze.”

Tim looked at her and stood up from the bed he was sitting on. He pulled out a duffel bag underneath the bed and took out the gem from the smallest zip and raised it to show her. Joan came closer with a curious stare and took a closer look.

“JEEZ! This is huge!” Joan screamed.

“Quiet down. Shhhh.”

Tim placed his hand over her mouth.

“I found it in the belly of a patient in the OR that I knew I should have handed it over to the authorities, but something didn’t feel right. I confided in Paul, and he stabbed me in the back. “

Tim shook his head and stared into her eyes.


“Doctor Paul”

“Now what are you gonna do my luv?”

“I will give it to him in the morning, I don’t want any harm to come to any of you, I love you so much to risk your life and our daughter’s”

Tim held Joan’s left hand.

Joan rubbed her right hand on his shoulder in comfort, and hugged him.

“Let’s eat, Titi cooked rice.”

“OK.” Tim said.

Peeeeewhhhl ……the room door suddenly swung open. A tall beautiful lady entered their room with a warm grin on her face, she smiled like a child who had just seen a new toy, and she stared at Joan and Tim who looked at her back with scrawny faces.

“Sister in-law, this is a master bedroom. You don’t just come in here without knocking.”

“And when has a door ever stopped me from seeing my only big brother. She paused and gave him a curious look, and enlarged her eyeballs.”

“Bro-da! You look thin o! Chai! you are now going to be a cyborg? You know na! With the metal arm, and all that.”

She laughed and used her right hand to cover her mouth.

Tim picked up a pillow from the bed he was sitting on and threw it on her; she immediately swerved out of the way and ran out of their room laughing. Joan and Tim heard her say: “Where is my favorite niece? I brought……..Gifts…..!!”


Meanwhile, Mark  sat in his office writing on a piece of paper at a military base in France. He heard a knock and a slender lady walked in with a military apparel.

Excuse me sir, but Interpol is here to see you sir……

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  1. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Trying to get it together.

  2. @Nalongo, me sef. The writing seems okay though.

  3. Fadehan (@Fadehan)

    i like this… but you need to make your logline more tight…. The suspense is not thick enuf to arouse any curiosity….
    Sincerely. But something is in there for bibliophiles trust me.

    1. Jacob Gad (@jacobGad)

      Yeah! i finally got the concept of the narrative.

  4. I’m still not really feeling this story, @jacobgad. Maybe it’s because I don’t see the danger. Tim should just give the diamond to whoever wants it, and he’s home free.

    There are some punctuation issues to look at, and the lines of dialogue between Tim and Joan need to be worked on so that it’s clear who is saying what.

    Otherwise, good installment. Well done.

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