Thank You For Asking

Thank You For Asking

What is HU? Someone has just asked me.

We each have a heart, head, hands and heels. Every so often, because we are still thinking of ourselves only as human beings, we operate as a head or a heart person taking hands and heels for granted. We care for only one or the other of our four physical partners and the reason is simply because we still think we are human only. We let one or other partner ride roughshod over the others just as one man suddenly becomes a dictator because the other partners let him. Head and heart make terrible dictators too if unaided.

HU is the child of God or principal partner for each person, the atom of Holy Spirit that is an image and likeness of God. HU is actually the home owner, whose individual identity is called Soul, learning and using the four parts of its body to live this life. It’s like driving in a car and also creating a home, images of the body.

We drive in this car of our four-part human body experiencing every bump and bruise of the terrain because we are still the baby of God unaware of our four body parts. Our parents likely also started us with plans to conquer each terrain by human head or heart efforts. So the baby only knows how to cry not yet to sing and even dance but only for a while, until it has learned to recognize the mother’s full love. Have you ever been so happy that it does not matter what anyone does?

The daily rotation and revolution of earth is exactly the way the adult learns to take care of all four parts into one wholesome car or home team, it’s the beginning of freedom. The three freedoms of a spiritual adult marks anyone who has learned to go to the source of life with the song and dance of HU, as the tool of rotation and revolution so the child (atom) turns mature into Holy Spirit.

What is HU? Pontius Pilate, 2P, started the modern day version of asking this same questioning. Fate had put him in the presence of a forerunner and example of Holy Spirit in action, what everyone is destined to become by learning to go to the source of life through song and dance of HU. 2P was face to face with an example of the source and he wanted to discover more than his eyes could recognize.

When I first fell in love and in the umpteenth time, I woke up to this age old inquiry that makes the best music in one’s ear to be the sound of one’s name from the one you love. I was as 2P was poised for personal encounter with the source of life by head or by heart. Asking what is Truth or what is Love or what is God reminds me how head and heart deal with words as mere symbols of hidden meaning. They give me weak or strong images that at best convey a fraction of the total picture that I or any user intends to represent.

Holy Spirit is the source everyone becomes willing to know and It is how truth is love and love is God, as child and father are one. This oneness is the most holy name or image and likeness of God in heaven, what Christians call Hallelujah or HU Alleluia and Muslims call Allah HU. Hence, the taste of the pudding is in eating it to discover and celebrate its recipe; God’s recipe is Holy Spirit!

My best answer to What is HU will be that HU is my name given me by creation for the same reasons that my parents named me in a ceremony. In the same way that my physical family name admits me to all the privileges of my parents, that is how HU admits me to be the Holy Spirit in action by every single rotation and revolution every day. For the same reasons that I need to take possession of the portfolio parents pass on to me, so do I have to learn the rotation and revolution that will entrust me with the full powers of my throne as prince or princess of God.

I’ll never forget the first day I ate the pudding, to get my own answer.

HU is the prayer of life and It is God, you. So It is how to be always so happy wherever two or more come together, doing whatever they do to each other for God’s sake alone and being lifted up to be like God daily as a result.

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