Or are lions rebels in the jungle?
Rhetorics are not just mere stories
What really matters is readiness

Those sedated in complacence
At the top get ready, as well as
Those dissatisfied at the bottom

Change is rebellious and infectious
If you’re a king, think someone was
If you’re a pauper, the rich was poor

What really matters is being ready
To double cross paths of opportunity
For sometimes they don’t gladly come

But if it later comes but once or twice
If you’re not ready, you’re not ready
To take up space when emptiness calls

Read and work hard if you’re a scholar
Work harder if you didn’t read; and reap
For shortcuts are paths to failures and ruin

Those at the top, get ready to leave soon
For people were there before you came
Those at the floor are you ready to climb?

Not just certified, but qualified to occupy!
To take high positions in the higher places
Or remain possessed by passion of gluttons

If you’re not ready, you’re irredeemable
Even if heavens descend upon your knees
You’re prayers will only save the rebels

In fine, if you’re alive, get ready to die
Are you dead already, be ready to live?
In pain or gain according to your work!

4 thoughts on “Rebellion” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Didactic. Nice. Stanza 1, 3 and 6 are cool.

    Well done, ostar.

  2. Deep. Check *you’re in one part should be Your*

  3. Preachatic.

    Lost its thunder as the poem progressed. Jet lag or?

  4. @chemokopi Chukwu gozie gi (God bless you.)
    @clemency dalu nnukwu (Thanks so much)
    @Hymar egbe eligwe agbalanu (The thunder having struck.)

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