My Dozen And One Ladies 11. To Precious

My Dozen And One Ladies 11. To Precious

To Precious

Pure sparkling big white teeth
Full succulent boobs with perky tit
Sparky sexy eyes—glowing even at night
Beautiful kissable lips… so fresh and sweet
Ebony flashy skin—pure and neat
Sweet waist, don’t need any food, it’s you I want to eat.

So charming everyone loves you
The guys, the ladies, all of them standing on the queue
The guys wanting to kiss and do you
The ladies just to look and wish they were you
Ladies as gorgeous as thee are quite a few
So tender and fresh, soft and luscious—you are brand new.

I have only one wish to ask
Will you be mine, together we’ll accomplish this task
Make love forever, my little man won’t be wearing a mask
Give birth to children, put their food in food-flask
Come! Come! Come to me fast
You are my everything, my Precious… my halleluyah!

2 thoughts on “My Dozen And One Ladies 11. To Precious” by lactoo (@louis)

  1. Lactoo, it has been a long time.

    Nice one here. What a comeback!

  2. Cassanova much? See this bobo o

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