IJEOMA- A Beautiful Journey!

IJEOMA- A Beautiful Journey!

When I close my eyes still to rest
I know the stars are there staring
And starring o’er my little nest
With tranquil night’s songs blending

Whilst the sun shines ‘neath the sky
To wake the dawn in bright by morn
So I know you’re always, always nigh
Oh what a sweet serene sojourn!

The peaceful scudding of the clouds
As the moon smiles upon the night
Beaming beautiful heart’s rays sounds
To yet another cool brand new light

Thus, such is the joy of having you
A beautiful journey of life unfolding
For each day as never is always anew
With such a blissful song resounding

To my beautiful mum, Ijeoma,
With love- Ostar

3 thoughts on “IJEOMA- A Beautiful Journey!” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Oooo boy, what beauty!!! Choi, your mature poetry makes me feel like my scribbles are play. Well done sire. Your muse sure buzzes

  2. @clemency thank for your clemency His Excellency!

    1. @clemency thank you for your clemency His Excellency!

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