‘Orobo runner! The only chubby athlete in Naija! Stop dodging me na! Why do you keep running away, when do i get to see your beautiful self?’

She giggles

‘Young Man, I promise… soon.’

She replies with a sad smile on her face.

‘This your soon don dey be like Jesus own o! Pretty please, let’s make this definite. I want a date. I’ll love to hold your hand while I look into your eyes and tell you how you make me feel, perhaps you’ll believe me when you see the sincerity in my eyes.’

‘Hehe! Na so, wash of life’

She replies as her mind drifts to another place in time…

His hands held hers as he told her beautiful words that introduced her to a whole new self. He made her feel like a successful runway model in her size 18 frame.
He never called her “flabby” or complained that she occupied too much space. Every other person including her parents and siblings treated her like she was less human, but not her Pedro. She was his queen, his “only Nigerian belle” and with him, she blossomed to a confident plus size hottie and loved every minute of it.
She went potty in his arms and never hesitated when it was time to give him her ultimate gift she had kept for twenty five years. A gift she kept partly ‘cos she was never brave enough to undress before any man or let them get too close to touch her “Michelin rolls”.
Every moment with him brought her to a higher plane in d heavens. And then, the various illnesses began intermittently with her worrying for him and taking days off from work to care for him. They realised self medication wasn’t working and she dropped him off at d hospital on a day things turned for worse with hopes of him getting better. She got back to check up on him and he broke the news…
Then her world came crashing down like d legendary London Bridge of kid’s rhymes.

‘beautiful one, don’t be this way na. Haba! It’s been 3 months since I got your contact and I’ve called you everyday, asking for a date. Why do you tease me with thoughts of seeing you again. Please tell me you’ll have a date with me this time love, pleeeaaaaaaaassssssseeeee’

He says, bringing her out of her reverie. Another sweet talker.

‘Bibi, are you there?’ He asks

‘yeah, I am. Is next weekend good enough?’

‘Perfect pretty, thanks a lot. I promise you’ll never want to leave my side by the time I give you my kobnomi’

She bursts into laughter. He joins in, thinking his attempt at humour paid off.
She shakes her head, the beauty of phone calls. He has no idea of the smirk on her face.

It’s been 13months and two sizes less since Pedro dropped the bombshell. 3 months of pain and anger towards the world for the injustice meted out to her and to him for stealing her life away albeit unknowingly, two months of regrets,grief and guilt for not forgiving him, the Love of her life, till it was too late.
The remaining 8 months she spent, rebuilding her self and restoring the other gifts he left her during his lifetime. She vowed to make the best of what was left of her life because she owed it to herself and him. He taught her to be d best of herself.
With the restoration in progress, a lot of the menfolk who ignored her before there was Pedro began to trail behind her, begging for her attention. Something she couldn’t give.

She only needs to share the news of the gift Pedro gave her for he and his “kobnomi” to flee miles away from her, just like the others. She’s not afraid to tell so she’ll give him a chance to learn from her mistake, She’ll add him to her list of aware young men with the knowledge of protective measures for casual sex.
She only has to tell him she’s HIV+ and wait to see if he still thinks of her as beautiful.

She smiles

‘We’ll see about that Kunle, we’ll see’
Stay Safe.

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  1. This was a good read albeit predictable.
    I noticed you used ‘d’ where it was supposed to be ‘the’ and be wary of beginning sentences with small letter.

    Also use lesser commas or try replacing commas with semi colon.
    Check this:

    ” It’s been 13months and two sizes less
    since Pedro dropped the bombshell. 3
    months of pain and anger towards the
    world for the injustice meted out to her
    and to him for stealing her life away
    albeit unknowingly, two months of
    regrets,grief and guilt for not forgiving
    him, the Love of her life, till it was too

    Kudos and keep writing .

    1. Thanks a lot for the corrections, will try out your suggestions.

  2. Nice…..predictable sha. I would have been shocked if it was not HIV.

    You ought to have used “I” in places you used “i”.

    1. Lol I know right? I’ll work on my suspense input.

      About the “i’s”
      I’ve been spoilt rotten by my auto correct and didn’t think of it while I was doing a terrible job at editing (p.s Mimi’s corrections, thanks again by the way)
      I’ll work on that too. Thanks.


  4. hmmm…didn’t really feel this…but the message was got…ama give u errrmmm C…
    well done

    1. Lol. I’ll try to be better, I’m glad the message got across. Thanks.

  5. Hmm! saw HIV coming. I got the message though.
    Well done.

  6. HIV message…. saw it coming.

    1. Predictability adjustments in the works, thank you :)

  7. Aww, the poor girl, at least she wants to spread the news and not the virus. Playing safe only works to reduce risks, it doesn’t totally prevent infection, nothing works better than zipping up.
    Nice one @m_yunique

    1. My sister woman! U hit the nail on the head. Thanks for your input.

  8. Not bad, more please, it only gets better

  9. Sadly, this story mirrors the reality of the world we inhabit.
    Well done, mUnique.

    1. Thanks for your observation Bubbl(es)ina . Love your name btw ;)

  10. Nice read though I had higher expectations for the end and the reveal of what it was all about.
    I like the playful nature of the narrative but I still think it can be written better.

    1. Better is what I’m aiming for next.
      I appreciate the feedback and sorry for the disappointing end.
      I’m glad something piqued your interest.

  11. A good one….

  12. Major editing needed in this story. You tried writing in the present tense then muddled it with the past tense. Check that switch and you should place the ‘she said/replied’ paragraph in the same paragraph as the dialogue and not the next. Nice try tho

    1. The present tense was for the present and past tense for the past… maybe i got it wrong, dunno… but that’s how i was taught. i guess i could get tips from you on that… *now proposing*
      Will you be my tutor/editor? ;;)
      Thanks for the observations btw.

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