For the Deluded

Mirrors are far overstated,

Even an orangutan can see itself in it.

But the hardest thing is to look into one

And have a conversation with yourself,

When the mirror You has sworn a vow of silence

While haranguing you with her eyes.

The big bang occurred, after you reacted vigorous to her truth –

The resulting madness has become the badge of your humanity,

A Death star of your totalness –

Herding you from the ghetto of your dishonesty

To the concentration-camp of self discovery.

Your head is filled with many words,

Words that fail to sublime into the speakable,

The relatable –

Tendrils of your soul that defy your grasp

So you find yourself trying to make meaning for it

In the hieroglyphics of everyday living…

Like divining what your life adds up to

In this world’s multiplication of privation

Or the division between love and desire.

And I am the child of fortune tellers,

Reading your star without ever entering your universe

To see your forever in the darkest stretch of our shared delusion

So I know what Reason meant to you

when you traded it for knowledge,

At the same rate of Judas’ silvery kiss.

But this is yet beginnings, welcome to the madhouse

You will always find each of yourself, coming back here!

3 thoughts on “For the Deluded” by O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

  1. I kinda get the drift, even though you didn’t ‘drift’ well.

  2. I also got a wind of the poem but just as @kaycee said it seems you kinda drifted away into dark poetic waters which mad it hard for us to see the bottom of the river and grasp what was beneath…

    lol…I hope that didn’t sound deluded.

    Nice work anyway

  3. Good one. A little reworking here and there woulda done some good.

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