For A Scapegoat Of Irresponsible Governance: A Town Crier’s Requiem

For A Scapegoat Of Irresponsible Governance: A Town Crier’s Requiem

Give me four black gongs (ding)
Two enchanted seashells(dong)
Mucus from a blind seer(ding)
Cobra’s scales(dong)
For someone has died(ding).

Give me voodoo bowls(ding)
A sacred lyre(dong)
Give me nine stillborns(ding)
Venom from a mamba’s bite(dong)
To sing dark praises for Festus Iyayi (ding).

Give me leather bibles(ding)
To swear by crossroads(dong)
Give me holy water(ding)
To sprinkle on our famished roads(dong)
Give me fifty naira(ding)
To appease roadside tax-collectors(dong)
And preform dark rites for Festus Iyayi(ding).

Give me six black stones(ding)
And nine black birds(dong)
Give me three black cocks(ding)
Heads of female vultures(dong)
Shadows from a dark cloud(ding)
And I will resurrect the memory of Iyayi(dong).

Oh, the horror(ding)
The sheer idiocy(dong)
An unnecessary sacrifice(ding)
For their disobedience(dong)
Oh the blood gift(ding)
Black Jesus Christ(dong).
Prof. Iyayi was our literary group patron at Uniben.
In Pace Requisecant.

12 thoughts on “For A Scapegoat Of Irresponsible Governance: A Town Crier’s Requiem” by Hymar (@Hymar)

  1. Finally, one from Hymar…….good poem man, expecting more.

    1. Thanks six, I know I should post more frequently, but having to wait for two whole weeks before my posts come out is discouraging and very very annoying.

  2. Truly an unnecessary sacrifice. Good that you penned this. Hope to read more from you

    1. It really hurts when you think this loss to the Nigerian and Uniben literary scene was so very avoidable. I really grieve for Festus Iyayi, a victim of bureaucratic Violence.

  3. Wow… This guy na native medicine man sha… *nodsincomprehension

    This is a masterpiece here… I really like

    The things that bad leadership cause… Lives are wasted, talents are squashed… It’s sad rly

    RIP iyayi

  4. @Topazo, native wetin? No make me vex take juju nack u o, Lols. Thanks Jare. I tire for our wacky leaders.

    1. Juju ko, afro ni
      U tnk I fear u?
      I get odeshi…

  5. Lols. Beat your chest well well na

  6. @six, n @shomyk, oops, I forgot to tag my responses.

  7. first time ill be reading a poem 3 times cuz I really enjoyed it….just nice

  8. oxymorontalks (@oxymoron93)

    chai. bros i hail oooo. but you sha like to vex foe your poems o. see hard lines

  9. Michael Akuchie (@IfeanyiPoet)

    The death was really needless.

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