I will not live in much fancy buildings
When a bungalow, flat, single will do
Neither a painted sculpture do I woo
Few are things novel as nature’s thrilling
Like streams of beauty in your face, drilling
Yet deny me this and that in the blue
And the prospect that I may be your boo
Still hung in miles away- heaven’s ceiling!
But this heart of mine shall go extra lenght
If this, the price for your loving grace be
Or forge flowery rhymes as ornaments
Engrave around your rubber soft body;
For your sake I’ll trek up this firmament
Of love, that all should believe as did me.

Rhyme scheme- abba abba cdcdcd

6 thoughts on “FEW ARE THINGS NOVEL AS NATURE’S THRILLING (Petrarchan Sonnet)” by shomyk (@shomyk)

  1. Y did u waste time mentioning it is a petre-something sonnet and state the rhyme scheme? This is a literary site, I am sure loads of us can figure that out ourselves, and if we no know, we go ask.

    That aside, like I said @ d last poem, u tried well. E no easy to make sense when rhyming is concerned. I like the way you passed the message of contentment without sounding too archaic. And the poem read smoothly to me, barring one or two jagged edges.

    Well done bro, your head is very correct.

  2. Hahaha..@hymar, your head dey there. I’d since submitted it that way before I later thought of removing it. Thanks for pointing that out. Your views are well received. Warm regards!

  3. Yeah, I agree with @Hymar. Stating the scheme and style is not necessary: that can crop up in the comments. For me, stating it communicates fear: that we should appreciate the poem for its technical accomplishment rather than it’s emotional depth. Technic serves content.

    I like the poem. I like the classical figures of omission you incorporated alongside the scheme. It infuses it with a nostalgic quality.

    A number of sweet lines here.

    Well done. Keep improving your art. There is no end to learning.

  4. @chemokopi thanks for the nice words, and reiterating hymar’s point. Gracia!

  5. #
    Love it.
    Rhyming (sensibly) is not the easiest task in the poetry world.

  6. well-thought out
    thinking thoughts sublime
    mingling with nature’s tide
    carry on being better than ever passing time……..

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