Earth rising and Medi

Earth rising and Medi

Earth Rising

The morning star spreads it light
Over the earth, as it rises.
Casting a shadow on its offspring.
Arise oh earth! your time has come.

At the height of noon, it sparks.
Consuming all shadow cast,
As its offspring go about it task.
Arise oh earth! that you should not burn.

When the golden globe lows,
As earth receives it beauty.
Offspring’s prepare for the feast of night.
Rejoice oh earth! in rapture of your toils

At the height of the twelfth hour,
Silence resounds over the earth.
Its offspring’s lay calm on your bed.
Sleep oh earth! early you shall rise.

Oh earth! when you will rise again.
Rising with your offspring’s,
Know that thy work is done.
Blessings to the light caster.


Friends over lovers
Love is deceptive
Wine over vinegar
Wine is sweet

Laughter over talk
Talk is cheap
Happiness over bother
Happiness is free

Love over war
War is pain
Sex over gender
Sex is creation

Walk over work
Work is hard
Life over death
Life is joy

Music over silence
Silence is loud
Herbs over psyche
Herbs is vegetable

A gent over a tout
A tout is a rough
Lifestyle over matter
Lifestyle is defining

I could go on and on
On is on
I could go on or not
I could, not is not.

In a moment of an eye
Time pass
And a concept imply
Yet time elapse

The scale is Spirit
It measure now
Begin from the infinite
Conceiving Tao

3 thoughts on “Earth rising and Medi” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. Woooooow this is a very cute work of act.
    Like you took me along in every passing seconds I spent reading this poem.
    Nice words about mother nature.
    Nice one,nice one.

  2. I enjoyed it. Simple and quite catchy.
    Now for the earth rising… There’s a difference between it and its.. In most cases, you used it where its should have been. Same with offspring’s which should have been offsprings…
    And for Medi,
    tout is a rough…remove the a.
    Time pass should be time passes.
    Well done, Chisom. $ß.

  3. Thumbs up. Not Bad….. Not one bit

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