Cracks In The Sidewalk…

Cracks In The Sidewalk…

Rain pours out of the eyes from the soul

To wet the dust

As seeds watch us grow and follow us

Is it the sun’s warmth

That melts a cold heart

As its light gives the roses back their red

And draws the line that sets the sea and sky apart

The same division is seen amongst races

As words set boundaries

And bars are placed in front of coloured faces

The population slow dances with discrimination

Black and white segregation

White paper is nothing without black ink

Two extremes of a common shade that need a link

Drugs ricochet off street corners

Forcing people out of their homes and into the coroners

People aren’t strong enough to stand by the truth all the time

And since they’re too weak to stand, they lie

A bullet to another man’s chest broke my heart

His blood was used to paint the ground

The guns work of art

The truth can hurt

Drop a ‘t’, read it in reverse, then see if it works

Two men can stand 5’4″ and 5’8″ today

But they’ll both be 6 feet when time has its way

Money has a magnetic effect

People obsessed with possessing every object

Forget that riches can’t buy you respect

They can’t fill an empty stomach, but to satisfy their greed they can

Things like that are hard to explain

Harder than describing blue to a blind man

Sticks and stones

Mere things we use to build homes

Then a storm comes up

Same things’ll leave you with broken bones

People get beaten down by cancer, they can’t fight it

Kids get raised on a violence diet

What good is what you know if you don’t apply it

No voice strong enough to break the silence

Smoke so much they make clouds from cigarette puffs

That take them on trips to the sky as the get high

Most drop out and die before they know it’s enough

Same drugs’ll mess with your mind

Make you oblivious to time

And before you know it, you’ll be late

The grave was the fisher, the drug was the bait

And you were just a fish swimming in the sea of fate

What constitutes a prostitute

Down and destitute

Waiting to be patronized by men in suits

I see the same scene adopted

Prevalent in other areas with no-one trying to stop it

They’re all willing to sell their souls to make a little profit

I hope the pictures I’ve painted can fit into your frame of mind

Even for the ones who seem to be colour blind

And so it seems that I’m sewing jeans

But not quite

Though I’m trying to give you sight

Weave your thoughts together seamlessly

And then shed a little light

On the things that are the opposite of left, right

As long as there’s the opposite of death, life

26 thoughts on “Cracks In The Sidewalk…” by six (@six)

  1. Hmmm,this is everything put together. Everything that surrounds us,everything happening around us,everything tht shapes our lives. Everything we seek. Everyone. It’s a very,very strong poem,and I enjoyed myself reading it. Well done “Six”

  2. SIX? what are you? You should Tutor Kanye and Twista. I thought Jesus Walks and Hopeful said it all, until I read Six’s writings on the wall…

    1. @clemency, you’ll get yourself killed for saying things like that. I’m flattered, I mean really, but we all have our sources of inspiration, so we can’t take all the credit. Most of the things I write are inspired by one or two lines from a random song that I feel I can work with, and then I get creative. Thanks again man, I really appreciate it.

      1. A single line can set off a chain reaction that’ll end up in a poem, so there you have it.

        1. I could get myself killed for writing at all, so it’s touch and go all the way… Hmmmm, I get it, chain reaction eh?

  3. A multi-facet explorations- on life threatening issues. This was well crafted, blunt yet lucid. And wonderful use of imageries too

    1. Glad you came by @shomyk.

  4. Hip-hop poem!
    Nice read.

    1. Thanks for stopping by @Chime221.

  5. This poem is nice.I like the way you painted the poem with scenes.

  6. Powerful images here. Very powerful.

    But I tired out at the middle, not because the lines started losing power but I think because of the form. Stanzas and titles might have helped. Just saying.

    I enjoyed this all the same.

    1. Yeah, I thought of it, and I tried adding, but I guess WordPress did it again . Thanks for commenting though, @chemokopi.

  7. Vüunderbaar! And this guy has the gall to say he’d stop writing? This poem is really something else. It takes serious issues and treats them in a way that is almost fun. The way you wove your words. Kai! I am gonna need ‘hipoetry’ lessons o.
    Well done, six. $ß.

  8. Thanks for dropping by @sibbylwhyte….what did you call it, hipoetry?

  9. Thanks for dropping by @sibbylwhyte.

  10. And they said hip hop is dead?
    Hehehe, this is proof that it still kicks
    Haters think they gon’ kill it
    But the clock still ticks.

    Yhu did good on this.


    1. Thanks a lot @Hymar. About hip-hop, I don’t think it’s totally dead, even though most people seem to think so. Most rappers don’t know what they’re doing anyway, but there are still some. Good looking out man.

  11. This would make pretty good spoken-word stuff. On point. But for a written poem, its a bit too wordy.

    1. @shadiat, thanks for the comment. Read that your eclipse story , and I really liked it.

  12. Ollie (@Ollie)

    This is amazing

  13. Thanks for reading,@Ollie.

    1. I appreciate @elovepoetry, thanks for stopping by.

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