Combating Infatuation

Combating Infatuation

Nearly 90% of adolescents had experience infatuation, as at teenage years. It is known as,”love at first sight”, an inevitable love towards the opposite sex, which is rated as abnormal or foolish. It is a great detriment to involve in infatuation and often leads to traumatic and abysmal consequences. The person being loved has no knowledge about the lover, or even to notice that something had really happened. That is why it is termed as, “THE FOOLISH LOVE”. It is widely known that teens affected by infatuation cannot perform well in studies, which often leads to poor grades and unhealthy habits
Such teenagers sleep very late at nights or not at all, because of meaningless imaginations, resulting in poor memory. Others fiddle with their food at the dinning, while others cry alone in their bedroom. These feelings persists for months, while some take a year to conquer, but as soon as this feelings goes away, the infatuated will recognise that he/she was totally bind and stupid and will soon back off from this habit. That child will start learning how to differentiate between childish love from a mature one.

~Five Ways To Overcome Infatuation~

~Do not stay awake too often at night, except you are reading.

~Never look at the opposite sex with love intentions, as this may lead to unecessary feelings.

~Rate the opposite sex as if they were the same sex as you.

~Discipline your mind

~Filter any thought about the opposite sex immediately its about to set in.

4 thoughts on “Combating Infatuation” by John (@Michael-Bassey-Johnson)

  1. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    I’ve never loved anybody at first sight but I like this article.
    Number 3 is what keeps me going.

    Well done.

  2. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    The heart is not so smart!

  3. Love at first sight? When you’re looking for Caro, you can’t help being infatuated.

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