The time is now,

The time to be ambitious,

A motivation that drives,

Priceless indeed.

Like fountain it flows,

Flows in your veins,

Fierce and desirous,

A will so energetic,

Desiring for fame and power,

An endless desire for riches.

A hunger that obeys no law,but it’s appetite,

A lust that is never quenched,

Grows more inflamed,

Maddened by success.

A torrent that never looks back.

Be not obsessed by ambition,

Embrace it’s motivational looks,

For good fortunes it does bring,

A better way to charm your desires,

There is no better way to success,

Not without Ambition.

12 thoughts on “Ambition” by Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

  1. @charles55
    I like your style of writing
    this piece is ciomplex in its’ simplicity.
    one word: FLUID.

    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

      Hehehe! 10ks pal…I appreciate.

  2. Good, good and gooder! Hehehehe!
    I like

  3. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)


    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)


  4. bunmiril (@bunmiril)

    It’s nice. I like it.
    Well done.

    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)


    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

      10ks pal

  5. Ambition treads the thin line between bad and good, one slip and you are in the bad pit.

    There is a difference between its and it’s which means it is. Remember that.
    Well done, Charles.

    1. Nwosu Chibuzo Cee (@charles55)

      Correction noted..I appreciate..10ks

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