When Will It End?

When Will It End?

They said twenty ten,
But failing promises is an art of men
Their megawatts of power
Does not provide electricity for an hour
They squander down the corridors of power
While squalor rots our Ivory towers
Its shameful and so sad
That the roads still remain bad
Our future leaders are now stowaways
Dark clouds line our airways
Planes take off to never land
Our northern lands have become no man’s land
I wonder my friend
When will it end

Half a century after
Instead of joy and laughter
What we get is weeping
And countless wake-keeping
Amidst the numerous wake-keeps
There’s just one question on our lips
Who did we offend
That this will never end?

Written in 2010, When Nigeria was 50…

33 thoughts on “When Will It End?” by igbor clemency (@clemency)

  1. @cemency
    You can imagine,written in 2010 and it’s still relevant in 2014 and will still be in the future if we all don’t turn a new leaf. The change has to start from families. God work Clemency.

    1. @psalmy we need to turn a new leaf, to ensure this poem’s irrelevance in years to come..

      Thanks for stopping by, Mon Ami.

  2. Nice read.
    The poem is relevant to the Nigerian situation.
    The problem with Nigeria is multi-facetted, ranging from the smallest to the biggest. And we are planning to celebrate our centenary as a nation, when everything is in shambles. We are always looking at the wrong direction.

    1. @chime221 thanks for the comment and sorry for the late reply. It’s my prayer that come 2014, next year, improvements would have been made. However, with the ongoing ASUU, NEPA and other strikes and their ripple effects, with the crashes and crash-landings rampant in the country these days, with travelers still stuck on federal roads, with anything going in this country, I hope I’m not thinking wishfully.

  3. Nice read.
    The poem is relevant to the Nigerian situation.
    The problem with Nigeria is multi-facetted, ranging from the smallest to the biggest. And we are planning to celebrate our centenary as a nation, when everything is in shambles. We are always looking at the wrong direction.
    You may have to look at line 7…”It’s a shame…”
    Well done

    1. @chime221 looked at it, “it’s a shame” doesn’t seem to flow with the beat of the poem, though it’s the same number of syllables and also correct. A writer is never perfect, every poem or story can always be written better. Lemme take @afronuts advice and keep it in the cooler. Who knows maybe by 2023…

      1. Hahahha… I think 2023 is even closer.
        I know Nigeria will get better, but probably not in 100yrs time.

        1. Haaaaaaa!!!! @chime221 that ain’t the spirit, like Eldee sang, I go like make change start today

          1. I’d want it to start now now, but what I doubt is the possibility.

            1. @chime221 improbable but not impossible… Have faith…

      2. Note the difference between “its” and “it’s”.
        Thank you. If it does not correspond with †ђξ beat, remove it and replace with something else, instead of changing †ђξ meaning of †ђξ line.

        1. Wasn’t concurrent with your drift before, guess it’s quite coherent now. I made a mistake there, prolly typographical, it’s meant to be *it’s like you pointed out. My bad, thanks for elucidating more clearly. @chime221

  4. Nice poem holmes.

    1. @six thanks homie, you’re welcome to Naijastories. Here’s the link to my author page http://www.naijastories.com/author/clemency
      Please check out my other posts and drop a comment.
      Welcome once again, hope you’re enjoying it so far.

  5. Nice read. But you lie small o. There were no teenage stowaways in 2010, and the plane take off thing is just too coincidental, unless you forgot to mention you edited it a bit.

    All the same, this piece rocked.

    1. @hymar, no mind me, written in 2010, edited in 2013, still the same issues. The only new thing there is the stowaway ish. Planes have been crashing before 2010.

      All the same, thanks for commenting, you rock too!!!

  6. Laughs, u r welcome, my good man.

  7. Hope @Josephoguche has not overlooked this. His comment is very much essential.

  8. 3 years and nothing has changed for good. Sadly, we will still be asking this same questions in years to come unless a flood carries away bad people.
    Well done, Clemency.

    1. @sibbylwhyte Thanks for the commentary, na so we see am o… Let a flood of transparency come sweep away all the corrupt leaders holding us to ransom…

  9. Jo (@josephoguche)

    @clemency thanks for drawing my attention. The realities thereof mentioned are even more relevant for these times than they were in 2010. With the benefits of hindsight, we have discover that the only thing we learn from out choice of leaders is that we dont learn anything at all, cos those we have in power are politicians with debased minds and whose pastimes are consulting with their ignorance, sweating bottles of bear, steaming plates of pepper soup and whose only rhetoric is making empty promises which they never fulfill. Our leaders are pride-less! @sibbylwhyte cannot be more correct.

    1. @Josephoguche wow, can’t ask for a better commentary. Thanks for responding.

      We’re looking behind to look ahead, as the saying goes, we need to know where we’re coming from in order to know where we’re going. With this hindsight, we’re seeing no improvement, where we’re coming from is still where we’re headed, rougher even. Well said my good man, our leaders need to know we seek a end to all this bunkum.

      1. Jo (@josephoguche)

        @clemency rightly so bro … God will save his people.

          1. Jo (@josephoguche)

            Yes n amen

  10. Inviting mon Ami ‘s @namdi @sambrightomo @funpen to critically share their views on this piece.

    1. Written in 2010, edited in 2013. It still needs editing. Why? There will be more issues to add to it……naija ain’t getting better.

      Nice poem.

      1. @namdi sadly, you’re right. Just to keep praying for miracles. Thanks for commenting padi.

  11. It’s so shameful and sad
    That our country once had
    Men who thought it could be
    What their mind’s eye could see
    A nation that would lead
    Not one so full of greed
    Where it’s people of faith
    Were not so full of hate…….

    @clemency. Your poem moves my fun pen. I wish that the leaders could read this and be moved to do what they ought.

    My only contribution to this wonderful piece is to the form. I love rhymes and I enjoyed every line, but I’ve found with poems that
    Rhyme, reading them aloud helps you judge the lenght and keep them at par with one another so that the poem flows smoothly.

    Other than that the content is a sad reflection of where our nation is today.Good job!

  12. It will still end, I believe!

    1. @sambrightomo I believe too, very soon. Thanks for taking time out to read and comment sire.

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