Discussions made in street corners

Sorrow abound in all angles

Arteries clogged with appetites greed

Life lived at devil’s creed

Fingers pointed and self exornerrated

The cause is external and we are victims

If for any reason we get listed

God is unfair

Devil is at work

Someone out there is an enemy

Today is never a good time for things to go bad

Yesterday wasn’t okay to have a dead

Tomorrow is booked for good

Our calenders have no day marked for doom

Doom gets lonely and creates for herself a room

Our lives gives way for expression

Ignorance takes us to depression

Mouths open to complain and wail

Feet searching for another’s train

For today is a bad day for bad to act bad

Today is not a day for bad to stop good

Today is the day we need good to carry the day

I ask- when is the day for bad

When is the holiday for good

When does good get to go on leave for a day

When is it ever good for bad to have a day and good an holiday?


7 thoughts on “When” by Ogbole Samson (@ogbolesamson)

  1. A deep existential reflection .. and how beautifully written .. Nice one.


    1. Thank you sir

  2. The question on everyone’s lips . . . When?
    This is a deep reflective.
    One Word: SILKY.

  3. I appreciate ur time sir, thank u sir

  4. Humanistic approach to existential issues.
    Nice read although it’s a little too surface.
    Perhaps you may have to look at your diction again…nothing is wrong with it though, just that it’s too plain.

  5. They come out every day like the sun, it’s the people who would determine what rules the day, their daily activities would determine.
    Well done, Samson.

  6. Yes sir, will keep improving

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