Sing to the bird
Songs of mercy
For grains craved.

Whisper to the cloud
For waters,

You will be denied.

The gods lied when
They sought our help
To defeat the titans.

Pick up the broken blade,
Cut through the throat of the bird.
Raise your houses from the dead,
Ride like kings.
We will drink from the rain.
We will feed on grains.
We will be gods.

6 thoughts on “Today” by Tolase Ajibola (@Blaise007)

  1. Simple. Today we will be gods if we dare to work it out by ourselves, sucessfully.
    Nice one, Tola. Your spacing went off, guess that was due to copying and pasting.
    Well done. $ß

  2. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    this is good!

  3. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    Brilliant poem, few words made it more potent. With poems like this, soon, you will be a god.

  4. Reminds me of the movie, ‘clash of the titans.’ indeed the gods suck.

    Me like this poem. Worthy of a reread.

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